The process of imperialist expansion by the High elves of Ushaenor, when they founded colonies and kingdoms in Zarhuy, Aels and Hieyoks during the Late Elfic Age, before the Age of Invasions.

Aels Edit

The Western Kingdoms

  • Cairn'Hayrn, Kingdom founded after conquering Aiesec. It was conquered by the Weseuros, being one of the last High Elven states of Aels to fall.

The Southern Kingdoms

The Eastern Kingdoms Edit

  • Lorthen, an example of late high elven imperialism, founded after the First War of the Power in the forest of Lorthen, a sylvan elven settlement.
  • Dirith.
  • Montthafen, originally a sylvan elven state, made a vassal state of Dirith before its complete annexion.

Hieyoks Edit

The Kingdoms of Sukke

The Kingdoms of the North

The Kingdoms of Tok

Zarhuy Edit

The High Elven states and colonies founded in Zarhuy were:

The Northern Kingdoms Edit

The Seven Kingdoms of Antor Edit

The Western Kingdoms Edit

The Eastern Kingdoms Edit

  • Nortolon, Golden High Elven Kingdom in the region of the lakes, in Eastern Antor. Once one of the poorer elven realms of Zarhuy, under constant attack of dragons and orcs, they retained an active defense, and during the Age of Invasions, accepted refugees from fallen elven kingdoms, they were able to survive

The Southern Kingdoms Edit