The High Movility Infantry was a type of light infantry deployed by Stornkold in the Nebulosa of Ots. Ots.

They where first developed as an answer to the fighting with the otsarian race of the Hi-Ka, in the urban ruins of the fortress-industrial city of the Hi-ka, in Macaibo: to fight against the Hi-Ka and their maneuravility, in such a complicated environment -built for Hi-Ka, not humans-, was developed the High Movility Infantry, equipped with Advanced Power Boots to mimic the Hi-Ka and play on a leveled field.

This infantry was equipped with Advanced Power Boots. However, a biological human would be barely capable of using them, reason why the IAM -High Movility Infantry- was compossed only of Jako Artificial Humans, modified to be capable to operate in such speeds and combat conditions. As well, they where issued with an advanced Visor, which had a warning system, suggested routes of action and as well a system of possitioning of friendly and enemy forces. Often, each IAM soldier had as well issued an operator, who from behind the lines guided and interpreted the feedback from the Advanced Visor. This would be commonly done, but wasn't standard procedure.

They bassed themselves in reckless tactics, being always on movement, disregarding cover for maneuravility. "Speed, speed, speed!" was their motto. They where genetically modified for combat in such speed, and with a reduced time to react, and so other artificial humans called the IAM clones "Adrenaline Rush", and out of combat, not using the Advanced Power Boots, they where often looking preciselly for the adrenaline and risk in other activities.

Because of these sort of tactics, while succsesful in Macaibo, the casualty rates where very high, which made Stornkold to re-think to keep these sort of units in their regular armed forces: However, the demovilized IAM units will instead be assigned to the irregular Stornkold forces of the Red Squad and the Blue Squad, who didn't minded expendability, and due the use of shock tactics, seemed useful the High Movility Infantry.

However, these where very expendable forces, and due the attrittion rate, it will show the lack of regard of Stornkold to their artificial human soldiers.

Aside of Stornkold's Red and Blue Squad, no one else used IAM High Movility Infantry, until later will be developed some Advanced Power Suits -like the M-Bisor-Z of the Norodor Empire-, which increased the survavility rates of High Movility Forces.

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