The history of the world, begins with the Paleolithic Era. Distinct from the history of Planet Aiers (which includes early geologic history and pre-people biological eras), world history comprises the study of archeological and written records, from ancient times on. 


Paleolithic AgeEdit

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The Paleolithic Era was an age in Aierian World History that lasted nearly 200,000 years, from the 200.000 until the 19.000 b.a.H.

Aierian peoples spread rapidly from Zarhuy into the frost-free zones of Aels and Hieyoks around 60,000 years ago. The rapid expansion of aierian peoples to Ushaenor took place at the climax before the wars of the gods.

During this time, ancient stories and archeological remains speak of "gods that walked upon earth", who are supposed to have began building ancient Kazrrad around 108,000 years before the Apparition of humanity.

At some point, aierian peoples began using fire for heat and cooking. They also developed language in the Paleolithic period and a conceptual repertoire that included systematic burial of the dead and adornment of the living. Early artistic expression can be found in the form of cave paintings and sculptures made from wood and bone. During this period, all aierian lived as hunters-gatherers, and were generally nomadic; this means they hunted and foraged for food, and moved constantly from place to place.

This era ended with the wars of the gods, a serie of Natural disasters and cathastrophes, geomorphological changes as well strange phenomena that happened around the 24,000 - 23,500 a.a.H, being some bottleneck events for most of aierian populations with climatological changes

Neolithic AgeEdit

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The Neolithic Age was an era of Aiers world history that lasted roughly 5 millenia. It began at about 19,000 b.a.h,and saw the development of agriculture, which led to an influx of lifestyle changes. Farming permitted far denser populations, which in time organized into states. Agriculture also created food surpluses that could support people not directly engaged in food production. The development of agriculture permitted the creation of the firstcities. These were centres of trade, manufacturing and political power with nearly no agricultural production of their own. Cities established a symbiosis with their surrounding countrysides, absorbing agricultural products and providing, in return, manufactured goods and varying degrees of military control and protection.

The development of cities was synonymous with the rise of civilization. Early civilizations arose first in southern Ushaenor from the Hake dark elves, followed by Drow civilization along Polforia, around the 14,000 b.a.h. These societies developed a number of unifying characteristics, including a central government, a complex economy and social structure, sophisticated language and writing systems, and distinct cultures and religions. Writing was another pivotal development in aierian history, as it made the administration of cities and expression of ideas far easier.

As complex civilizations arose, so did complex religions, and the first of their kind apparently originated during this period. Inanimate entities such as the Sun, Moon, Earth, sky, and sea were often deified. Shrines developed, which evolved into temple establishments, complete with a complex hierarchy of priests and priestesses and other functionaries. Some of the earliest surviving written religious scriptures are the Hadd'ahr'atti Texts, produced by the Hake. Some archaeologists suggest, based on ongoing excavations of a temple complex at Busushk Tek in southern Bazikstan, dating from c. 20,500 b.a.h, that religion predated the Agricultural Revolution rather than following in its wake, as had generally been assumed.

Early Elfic AgeEdit

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The Early Elfic Age (Colliqually known as the "Dark Elven Age of Hegemony) lasted 13.500 B.A.H to 8.000 B.A.H and it was during this time that the first Elven Empires of the Hakes in Ushaenor and Drow inAels, were born. However, the Empire of Drow fell due to the invasions of “beast and barbarians” –non-elves and elves- and most of them emigrated to the underworld of Kazrrad the 11.000 B.A.H, a place they had explored and settled partially beforehand.

Middle Elfic AgeEdit

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The Middle Elfic Age lasted from the 8.000 to the 750 B.A.H, and it began with the High Elven culure in Ushaenor who become a civilization the 7.000 B.A.H, as well with the rise of the first non-elven civilizations, as the Dwarfs the 5.300 B.A.H and the Draak Harg the 5.000, and other elven civilizations appear, as the Flairies (3.500), Anqueael (2.800), as well with the migrations of orcs in Zarhuy. The last centuries of this age will be marked with the High Elf – Dark Elf hake wars in Ushaenor, wich obligated the High Elves states to conformate a loose confederation of states, the Empire of Whide Axis.

Late Elfic AgeEdit

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Age of InvasionsEdit

The Age of Invasion was a two-fold era marked by the rise of mankind and demons respectively. 

Apparition of HumanityEdit

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Apparition of DemonsEdit

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Dark Age of DemonsEdit

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Middle Human AgeEdit

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The Middle Human Age, that lasted from the 2223 until the 2434 a.a.H, was an era of Aiers World History that lasted a little over two centuries that began after the conclusion of the War of the Great Power and ended with the Liberation of the Great Demon Lords from Mount Satanmet. It was during this time that several human kingdoms cropped up across Aiers, only to wilt beneath the return of the Demons, who had broken free of their seals. 

Second Coming of DarknessEdit

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The Second Dark Age lasted from 2.434 to 2.675 a.a.H and was halmarked by the then released demons attempting to create a larger and more powerful army to set loose against their enemies, but their plans were hampered by plagues and famines which devastated Aels,in addition to crusades that marred south Hieyoks and Zarhuy, until the second war of the Powers was fought, and the Dark Legion of the Demons defeated finally, but the war produced the Great Cataclysm, wich changed the surface of Aiers.

Late Human AgeEdit

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The Late Human Age was a time period in Aiers World History that lasted from 2.540 to 2.675 A.A.H: normally is considered part of the Second Dark Age: The Late Human Age is said to begin with the end of the Second War of the Power up to The Cataclysm: An apocalyptical age, it was marked by the Great Plague, the expansion of the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov, the Sargonic Religion Wars and chaos among the Holy Sargonic Empire and finally, the catastrophic Third War of the Power, ending with The Cataclysm.


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Modern AgeEdit

Modern Age

Early Modern PeriodEdit

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As its name implies, the Early Modern Period was the first era of the Modern Age of Aiers World History. Beginning after the Great Cataclysm of 2675, which brought about the end of the Fantasy Age and ushered in the Modern Age.

Agrarian RevolutionEdit

The Agrarian revolution.

  • 2921 It's proclaimed the Trutsian Empire, sucessor state of the previous Trutsian Tsardom.
  • 2935 Trutsian-Calintropia-Torkish war, fought until 2939. It ended in a stalemate and the treaty of Nussi, which granted non-military access to the trutsians to the Sea of Tok.
  • 2957 Aels, Stornkold Archipelago. Eric Vad Stornkold explored the Stornkold Archipelago -named after him-
  • 2958 Aels, Stornkold Archipelago. Beginning the settlement by the Sueccian Empire. 
  • 2959 Aels, Stornkld Archipelago. Foundation of the city of Dlod by the Sueccian. 
  • 2968 Fifth Trutsian-Tork war, fought until 2974. Trutsian victory.

First Industrial EraEdit

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Second Industrial EraEdit

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Contemporary AgeEdit

Anglasecuarnian WarsEdit

Tris-Tigris - Hidraulic War                  Edit

MW - UVA War                    Edit

Pentarchy War                   Edit

  • 3295    Beginning of the Fourth World War of Aiers, between the ALBA and MW against the Pentarchy.        
  • 3300    Battle of Las Attens. Dessapaition of the MW                      
  • 3300    With the dissolution of the MW, the Pentarchy forces massed their forces against the ALBA, defeating them in the battlefield -being used in this campaign for first time Mechs in combat-. End of the Fourth World War of Aiers, with the dissolution of the MW and the ALBA, and the occupation of Bazikstan by the Pentarchy.                          
  • 3300   Return to the Democracy in Münzen                      
  • 3300   Annexion of Austrapia by Chechoslovakia. Proclamation of the Ozean Empire.        
  • 3301    GofoAverican war between Gofondria and the AANN.                                                   
  • 3303    Stornkold attemp to conquer Aiers, landing on several points, but their forces are pushed back. From their abandoned equipment, much advances would be done in Aiers technology.
  • 3303    Beginning of the Blockade of Aiers by Stornkold to Aiers.                                          
  • 3306    trutso-binan war.                      
  • 3306    War of Catan and Guzmanita.                      
  • 3306    Creation of the Norhwat alliance.                      
  • 3306    Franchia crowns Ignacio IV, and the Gastronomic Empire is proclaimed once more time.          
  • 3306    Beginning of the Second war of Ze-Berra.                      
  • 3306    Beginning of the Aelian War, due the expansion of the newly re-found IG.                      
  • 3306    Beginning of the Bazikstan Civil War, between the forces of President Hamurled Hamerlán and the golpists generals.                                          
  • 3307    Beginning of the Zarhuy Great War.                      
  • 3307    Norwhwat-Anuchian war                      
  • 3307    The unity of the victors of the Fourth World War of Aiers is broken, due the Binese and Ozeancik clashing imperial ambitions. Bina-Ozeancik war.                
  • 3307    Norwhwat-Gofondria war                      
  • 3307    End of the Aelian War.                   
  • 3307    End of the Bazikstan Civil War. Victory of Hamurled Hamerlán.                                 
  • 3308    Eight Gofochechoslovakian war.                     
  • 3308    End of the Second war of Ze-Berra.                                                            
  • 3309    Conquest and occupation of Bazikstan by the Neo-Binese Empire, who used as argument the non compliance of several punts of the peace treaty that finished the 4th world war. Anuchia, Guaderia, and the Ozean Empire occupy as well territories of Bazikstan.                     
  • 3309   Creation of the Northern Alliance, alliance led by Anuchia.                                                      
  • 3310    Dissolution of the Neo-Binese Empire.                     
  • 3315    Creation of the URCC.                                        
  • 3316    Bina becomes the Bina Popular Republic.                      
  • 3316    Creation of the OPAC.                      
  • 3317    Dissolution of the Ozean Empire.                     
  • 3318    End of the occupation of Bazikstan                                            
  • 3319    Neuva Zelondia-Felipinas war.                     
  • 3320    Distancing between the Bina Popular Republic and the URCC.                                           
  • 3320   Third War of Coshermir                     
  • 3322    Mungolian War between the URCC and the Bina Popular Republic. Mechs demostrate their usefulness.                                    
  • 3323 Fourth War of Coshermir.                      
  • 3324    Amparpican War between Gofondria and the  Northern Alliance. Gofondria show their power.             
  • 3325    New attack of Stornkold to Aiers.  

The Last War                   Edit

  • 3330    Beginning of the Fifth World War of Aiers, between the URCC and their enemies.                     
  • 3336    End of the Fifth World War of Aiers in a thermonuclear apocalipsis, with the release as well of biological, chemical and anti-technology weapons. As result, the population of Aiers is decimated, and a nuclear winter follows. Due the extension of the damage, it meant an end of the hostilities because of the inhability of any side to continue the war. However, because of this war not reaching a conclusion, will be the beginning of the next world war. End of the Stornkold Blockade of Aiers.

A new beginning...          Edit

  • 3350    Uran developes their new nuclear programm. After the post-apocaliptical results of the Fifth world war of Aiers, this causes general concern.
  • 3350    Bazikstan invade Anuchia, beginning of the Bazco-Anuchian war. As result of this, Münzen will proclaim their independence, as a protectorade of Bazikstan.                      
  • 3352    Bina invade Southern Nicolia, beginning of the Bino-Nicolian war.                      
  • 3352    A.A.N.N create the NMW (New Moziepolitischenmilitarischen-Wosta)                       
  • 3353    Bazikstan create the LBS, the Leage of Bazik Muslim Nations.                      
  • 3353   Beginning of the Hinbina war, between Bina and the hinbinese republics.                      
  • 3354   Moritania and Guaderia unificate and become Libian                      
  • 3355   Libian invade and conquer Chao and Uresikstan.                       
  • 3356    LBS conquer the south-Zeberrian zarhuy                      
  • 3358    LBS conquer Central Zarhuy.                      
  • 3360    Beginning of the JPM-Averican war.                      
  • 3360    NMW-Uran missile crisis.                      
  • 3360    URCC began a militaristic race.                     
  • 3361    Fifth war of Coshermir between Paterstan and Hin.
  • 3361    Paterstan and Uran abandone friendly relations with the NMW, coming closer to the URCC.               
  • 3361    LBS conquer the south of Zarhuy, with the exception of the Sudabria Republic.                      
  • 3362    Neuva Caldonia annex Babeo and Neuvaguin                      
  • 3364    End of the JPM-Averican war
  • 3364    The NMW becomes the OPAC.

OPAC - URCC War                  Edit

  • 3365    Beginning of the Sixth World War of Aiers, only 29 years after the world was at the brink of destruction. Without learning from the past, and due the increasing tensions, finally the URCC launched a pre-emptive strike against the OPAC with Weapons of Mass destruction, to cripple the OPAC capability of use their own nuclear-biological-chemical arsenal.                                          
  • 3365    Following the initial strike, the URCC launch an attack against AANN, crossing Halashka, fighting in this province and Cunnad. Unnable to stop the red offensive, the AANN Capitol, Wachinton, was threatened. 
  • 3366    URCC launch a mayor offensive in Aels against the OPAC. Fighting in Epeña and Motzabili.      
  • 3366    The LBS attacks and conquer Suadabria, creating a dependent puppet government.
  • 3366    URCC offensives in western Aiers OPAC allied nations, conquering all of them with the exception of Motzabili, who become allied with the URCC, and Angleterre, who resists. Meanwhile, the URCC launch an offensive against South Borea in eastern Hieyoks. In front of the catastrophe, Felipinas asume the command of the OPAC from AANN, and launches a counter-offensive in Southern Borea.                
  • 3367    Coup d'etat from Andrés Hettech in Silveria. Soon during that year, Silveria annex Hile and Olivia. Eru, Licuador, JPM, Elgic, Buenazuela and Sao Azil make an alliance and attacks Hettech.  Andrés Hettech requests then help to Scuba, Felipinas and Neuva Caldonia, while the JPM invaded the Hiloé archipielago. However, despise the war in several fronts, Hettech's armed forces defeat their enemies, and is signed a peace treaty with Licuador and Eru.               
  • 3367    The LSB invade the AANN in Teka.  Meanwhile the Felipinas lead OPAC have defeated the URCC forces in Southern Borea, and advanced to North Borea and Bina. As well, a new front is opened with the invasion of the OPAC to Hinbina, where they attack Gokudin, Lagos and Ietan. Babeo attacks southern Bina.
  • 3367    Hin attack Paterstan, but is defeated in the Paterstan-urani counter-offensive In brink of defeat, Hin forces are helped by the JPM.                 
  • 3368    Elgic invade Hile in Puerto Avenas, but they are expulsed by the forces of Andrés Hettech.       
  • 3368    Éxito and Neuva Caldonia joins the OPAC. Meanwhile, the URCC forces are defeated in Halashka and Cunnad, retreating. In the south of AANN, the LSB as well faces defeat in Teka. In Aels, the slavkinian, supported by the Tork, take back from the URCC, Slavkinia.                                            
  • 3368    Hin abandones the north of the country to the Paterstani.                      
  • 3368    OPAC launch an invasion in Aels -supported by Ruhenia. They take back western Aels. As well, eastern OPAC conquer the Binese capitol city, as the binese army retreat inland. Due this, URCC and Bina launch a large scale counter-attack in the far east, but they objectives aren't achieved.         
  • 3368   Olivia rebels against Andrés Hettech government. Licuador and Erú attacks Hettech in support to the rebels.                   
  • 3368    Scuba invade baja Calafia and Éxito.                      
  • 3369    OPAC conquer and occupy Motzabili, who once more time shift alliances. Meanwhile in Hin, with the support of the western OPAC, Alcachofi and Sri Carlanga the Hin force the Paterstani out of Hin, but can't push beyond the border.                                   
  • 3369    Scuba is attacked by the JPM using nuclear weapons. In retalation, URCC launch a nuclear strike against Pharis, Franchia capitol, destroying the city. the world fear another nuclear escalation of the conflict, but no more nuclear weapons are used.                  
  • 3369    Scuba invade and conquer Buenazuela from the JPM. Naval battle of the Hantillas. Scuba conquers the Goyanas Franchesa, Elga and Suram. Sao Azil launch an offensive against Scuba, but they are repelled by the Scubanos.                                            
  • 3369    Andrés Hettech join the pact of the URCC to receive military and supplies support. Scuba create the RCUA (Central Ushaverican Republics]],
  • 3370   the RCUA along with Hettichania, they attack Sao Azil  and Gofondria. Battle of the oslands of Zean, RCUA victory over gofondria. The advances in Ushaverica meanwhile are painfully slow and costly, as the Sao Azilian army advanced over Muroguay and fought Hettichania there. Because of this, an distraction offensive is launched to the western shores of Licuador, to drag forces from the Goffianos and Licuator away from the main front. As well, the Scubanos receive URCC support, compossed of the Waegerlandi army. Battle of Cogotá, Gofondria. Due the URCC forces entering in the southern ushaverican teather, JPM and Elgic sends support to Gofondria.                             
  • 3370   Hettichania launch a nuclear strike against JPM, using tactical submarines in the Malvadas, territory of the Sueccian Empire. URCC-Sueccian Crisis.                     
  • 3370    LSB continues the arm race.                      
  • 3370    Revelions in Zarhuy violently repressed by the LSB.                      
  • 3371    Neuva Caldonia, Babeo, Vietmann, Gokudin, Macronesia and Milanesia fund the POHL Pact. (Países Ozeancikos Hunee Ladoss)                        
  • 3371    POHL-OPAC Alliance                      
  • 3371   Pohlanos, Hindios and Alcachofies attack countries of Hinbina pro-covietic, conquering them.
  • 3371   Slavkinia advances over the Walk.                      
  • 3371    Counteroffensive of the URCC forces the Torks and Slavkinian to retreat.                      
  • 3371    Bina attacked by the OPAC and Hin.                      
  • 3371    Defeat of Bina, country is occupied by the OPAC.                      
  • 3372    Tibeti proclaimed independent country.                      
  • 3372    The eastern OPAC, supported by Hin, launch an offensive against Sibetia, in an attempt to divide the URCC in two.              
  • 3372    The Paterlanies, owners of Farsia, Urak, Afkanistan and Pakustan switch sides from the URCC to the OPAC.                
  • 3372    The LSB conquers in a quick surprise movement the Paterlanies, forcing them to enter in their pact.       
  • 3372    Large scale offensive of the URCC against western Aels.
  • 3372    Decisive Battle of Vardan, the Aelian OPAC achieves victory against the URCC when they where near collapse.           
  • 3373    OPAC Counteroffensive in Aels. They take back Cyrvia and conquer the Walk, Polokia, Bielotrutsia and the Coviet capitol of Wiek in Tucrania.
  • 3373    Putsch in the URCC as they blamed from the last defeats the government of the Tucranian dictator Hellwanger.                 
  • 3373    The new URCC government seak peace, which they only will achieve with the dismemberment of the URCC. After 8 years of brutal war and the disolution of the URCC, ends the Sixth World War of Aiers
  • 3373    Creation of the pact of the Community of Walk States (CEW).
  • 3373    End of the Battle of Cogotá, Goffian victory.
  • 3373    Detenteguay became independent from Gofondria, changing name to Engleray.
  • 3373    Continues the RCA-Gofondria war.                      
  • 3373    Hettichania proclaim the National Socialist State.
  • 3374    The LSB expand the Islam across the world within their area of influence.
  • 3375    The Islam expands in Hinbina and the war-thorned Aelian countries.
  • 3375    islamic imam are killed by Razileños and Goffianos. Religious intolerance: protests and violent demonstrations against the Islam and the newly conversed populations across Aels, Hieyoks and Ushaenor. There are several killings and assessinations, making the LSB protest in favor of the muslim populations. As they pleadings for peace and tolerance are unheard of, the LSB claims themselves as defenders of the faith.
  • 3376    With the worsening of the situation, and an increased religious intolerance in all sides, the LSB claims the LSB Yihad -holy war- against the infidels that had been attacking muslim minorities. The LSB advances over Aels, conquering Anglasecuarnia after the Battle of Guantelete. In Ushaenor, the LSB support the newly converrted Tonelanos against the Goffianos, defeating them.           
  • 3376    Beginning of a mortal pandemia, the dreaded Red Death.
  • 3376    Creation of the Organization For the Not So Much Violence (OPNTV)                       
  • 3377    States of the POHL convert to the Islam.
  • 3377    LSB and POHL invade Hin, where is being fought a religious civil war. Hin defeated and annexed to the LSB, and Tibeti, to the POHL.          
  • 3377    Licuador, Hettichania, Razil and Gofondria convert to the Islam. 
  • 3378    POHL enter in war with the eastern OPAC for the binese occupied territories.
  • 3378    Former states of the URCC become Islamic.
  • 3379    Maximal extension of the Islam, first religion of Aiers. Meanwhile, the LSB try to develope a cure against the Red Death, without results.                     
  • 3379    Sao Azil and Hettichania rebel against the Islam and the LSB.                       
  • 3380    The OPAC claims a christian Cruzade against the LSB. Cruzade against Yihad.
  • 3380    The LSB is forced to leave Sao Azil and Hettichania.                      
  • 3380    Peace treaty between the RCA and Gofondria.                      
  • 3382    POHL occupies all of Bina.                 
  • 3383    The LSB finally developes a cure against the Red Death.
  • 3384    Battle of Vardan, defeat of the LSB against the Aelian Christian Nations. LSB retreats from Aels.      
  • 3385    Beginning of the desintegration of the LSB.                     
  • 3386    Treaty of Sain-Tiggref, that put limits to the areas of influence and expansion of the Islam.     
  • 3387    Coup'd etat in  Trutsia. Joseff Aminonin im power.
  • 3389    Fernikleinen claims for their independence from Ozeancik.
  • 3390    LSB plans for a new invasion of Aels, ignoring the Treaty of Sain-Tiggref.       
  • 3391    War in Aels. The Baziks land in Anglasecuarnia, but are unnable to advance.
  • 3392    Soldarmia, Silveria, Muroguay, Detenteguay y Olivia conform Hettichania                      
  • 3394    After a long campaign of attrition in Anglasecuarnia, the baziks decide to retreat. The war meant important losses for the LSB.

Bazco-Hettichiana WarEdit

  • 3396    Hettichania and Gofondria invade Zarhuy. Beginning of the Bazco-hettichanian war. Gofondria conquer the south of Zarhuy from the LSB, while the subzeberrian Zarhuy is taken by the hettichian. Upon seeing this, Uresikstan abandone the LSB and switch sides with Hettichania.                               
  • 3397    Hettichania and Uresikstan attack the zeberrian nations, trying to reach Bazikstan, being fought the campaigns of Libian and Sretor. Meanwhile, Trutsia ally with Hettichania and declares war to the LSB.  In a quick campaign, the trutsians defeat the resistence in Uran, Urak and Gatistan. Meanwhile, Greca, taking the oportunity, attacks Tork, defeating the local LSB forces.              
  • 3398    Due the adverse luck the previous years, Libian shifts sides, abandoning the LSB and joining Hettichania. While doing so, the war reaches Bazikstan, who launchs a furious counter-offensive.          
  • 3398    Fernikleinen declares it's independence from Ozeancik. Secessionist attemps are crushed.      
  • 3398    Confussing action in the air space over the Malvadas, anuchian colony, between the forces of the carrier fleet of the LSB and Hettichania. Anuchia, fearing an attemp of invasion by Hettichania, sends a counter-attack, beginning an air raid against Hettichania.                  
  • 3398    Bazikstan attacks and defeat the Libian army, who are forced to retreat, abandoning much of their national territory. Meanwhile, in other fronts of the war, the Goffian army fighst in the south of Bazikstan, Libian to the west and Trutsia to the north, when Asrael suddendly attacks Bazikstan. Upon this surprise attack -called a "back-stab" by the baziks-, the LSB is defeated and desmembered. Bazikstan, occupied by Gofondria.                                   
  • 3398    Treaty of Oinz-Jam, being divided the zones of occupation and influence of the former LSB.
  • 3399    Irregular forces in Bazikstan try to continue the war, without results. Sretor, Agabia , Catán and Guzmanita, along other former Bazik territories continue the war against the Libian and Hettichanos.     
  • 3400    The Libian accusy the Goffians of mindling in their influence zone from the Treaty of Oinz-Jam. Skirmishes in the Bazikstan-Libian borders.
  • 3400    Olivia tries to secessionate from Hettichania, supported by Engleray and Goffian groups.        
  • 3401    Gofondria have as a secret state policy, to crush the power of their former allies of Hettichania and Libian.  Gofondria as well organize "free" elections in their zone of Influence in Zarhuy, being proclaimed several Goffian republics.                     
  • 3402    Hettichania and Libian accuse Gofondria for their actions and break the Alliance. A war without declaration begins, as Gofondria invade the northeast of Hettichania, directly supporting Olivia and Engleray, while they fight in Libian.               
  • 3402    Uresikstán is invaded and divided by Hettichania, Libian and Sretor, who fight for influence zones. Gofondria supports the uresikstanos.                
  • 3403    Ignacian dinasty of the Rogel-Gastronomique seizes power in Alailë, overthrowing the JPM government.
  • 3403    Second Treaty of Oinz-Jam for influence zones between Hettichania, Gofondria and Libian.
  • 3403    Olivia reaches their independence from Hettichania thanks to the Gofondrian support.  
  • 3406    Hettichania creates in their zone of occupied Zarhuy the Northwestern Hettichanian Zarhuy (ANH).         
  • 3407    Hettichslovakian officers of the Suadabrian army cause disturbations and later make a coup d'etat, making the government collapse. the Union of Suadabria joins the Hettichania.
  • 3407    Libian make an alliance treaty with Tunecern.                     
  • 3408    Gofondria make "free" elections in Bazikstan. Due influence zones, they don't present a candidate, leaving to Libian to choose a candidate who support their goals. There are electoral iolence, as Omilán Sueenuh, leader of the Bazikstanian Workers and Labourers Party (POTB) fights bitterly the pro-libian candidate, who is finally assassinated. The people of Bazikstan, who had enough with violence, finally stop their support to Sueenuh, being finally elected a pro-libian government in Bazikstan.     
  • 3408    Indepentists guerrillas in Hettichslaven.                     
  • 3408    Libian-Sretor alliance treaty.                  
  • 3409    The Ignacian parties of Motzabili, Anglasecuarnia, Pamelia and Puertogal make coup d'etat in their respectives states almost at the same tome, reaching their objectives in Motzabili and Anglasecuarnia.                  
  • 3409   Libian and uresikstan signs peace.                
  • 3409    Libian give an ultimatum to Alailë to leave their bases within Libian territory. Upon the negative of the Ignacian of Alailë, Libian attacks. Beginning of the Ignacian War.              
  • 3409    The United Kingdom of Sargos, Ruhenia and Dogascar declare the war to Libian, conforming along with the recently refounded IG -Alailë, Anglasecuarnia and Motzabili the Alliance Ignacien ALIG. Libian, Sretor, Tunecern, Bazikstan, Uresikstán, Hettichania and the Repúblicas Goffianas conform the Southern Axis.                      
  • 3410   Hettichana invasion of Dogascar.                      
  • 3410    URCC cedes to Hettichania the regions of  Hettichslaven y Heprusia. Hettichania claims the panhettichslavism and creates the Hettichslovakian Empire.
  • 3410    Hettichslovakian Empire invades Polokia supported by officers of the Polokian army that are ethnic hettichslovakians.
  • 3410    Olivia tries to have an access to the sea, entering in war with Erú. Olivian-Eruan War.       
  • 3410   The Axis launch an aero-naval invasion over Motzabili. URCC declares war to the ALIG, joining the Axis.           

Space AgeEdit

Reaching the SpaceEdit

The first off-word coloniesEdit

First EncounterEdit

The menace of Stornkold          Edit

Contact Lost          Edit

  • 3335    With the destruction of the Data Zone by Gofondria, contact is lost from the colonies. Having lost contact with the metropolis, and knowing the world war being fight and the presence of the Blockade of Aiers, they fear the worst, and finally renounce to make contact. They found the nation of Nortenz. (Saya-taya II
  • 3336   End of the Fifth World War with a termonuclear apocalipsis, after where unleashed some computer virus by the URCC to the defense systems of the Northern Alliance. Aside of the conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons unleashed in this critical failure, some of the last weapons of the Northern Alliance arsenal, the anti-technology weapons are unleashed: As a result, most of Aiers is destroyed in an apocaliptical event, important populations are whipped out, all the advanced technology is destroyed and rendered non-functional and a termonuclear winter cover the atmosphere. not only Aiers was affected by this, but all the Aiers Star System. The Stornkold fleet that keeped the blockade of Aiers is as well destroyed, as the colonies in the star system that needed terraformation and artificial atmospheres to surviv, so only marginal populations in Jorgesworld and Alpha Primo survives. In the following years, Stornkold send some space probes and spaceships, but as the "anti-technology" effect remained in the sky, they stopped trying to make contact. Some scanners of the space confirmed them the apocaliptical state of Aiers, and it was determined there was no survivers. -But there where, even if there will be some very difficult 17 years in Aiers-. (Aiers IV)               
  • 3336   Lost and without contact, the spaceships and fleets from Aierian nations that where in deep space suffer a serie of problems. Lacks of resources, mutinies, desesperation. Some lone explorer ships gather at designed gathering points. The ones who try to return to Aiers are never to be heard off again. Some are lost in space, or are forced in planets hostile to human life, as weren't meant originally to be such long range expeditions. Some ships joined larger Arc Proyect fleets or main military fleets, but it's a time of uncertainity. Some succesfully settle in some planets, from where origins the posterior myth, with deep rooths in Otsarian mentality, of the Lost Colonies.
  • 3336   Nortenz colonizes the system of Ofinxer DZ.                      
  • 3337   Off-world Bazco-Chechoslovako colonies in Zor systems become the RFB, Federal Star Republic of Bazikstan, comprissed of 7 star systems, and the RFC, Federal Star Republic of Chechoslovakia, comrprissed of 5 star systems.            
  • 3337    Nortenz colonizes the star system of Yak-Yakken DZ                      
  • 3337    Auswelt.ICR colonizes the Star System of Finolair. (Finolair DZ).                       
  • 3338    Nortenz colonizes the system of  coloniza sistema Finolair, destroying first the ruhenian colony. Beginning of the Nortenz-Ruhenian war. (Finolair DZ)
  • 3339    Nortenz arrives at Aiz-Yarrif, a system of the RFB. Each one attack the other in a violent first contact, beginning the RFB-Nortenz War.

A New Home: OtsEdit

  • 3340    Northern Alliance 7th Fleet arrives to Ots, the assigned reunion point for the remnants of the Northern Alliance space fleet. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3340    Remnants of the Goffianan space fleet arrive to Ots, assigned point of reunion -that they decided from stolen information from the Northern Alliance.- (Ots VII)                    
  • 3340    Ozeanos fleet, due overpopulation, abandone the Ur Dur goblin population in (Ots VI), which is called Rasgonik. (Ots VI)                        
  • 3340    Nortenz arrives to the Unterknieva System, beginning the Stornkold-Nortenz War. (Unterknieva DZ)
  • 3340   Kasparov CIA explores the world of Mekkhere and begins the terraformation. (Mekkhere III)  
  • 3341    Ozean Fleet arrive to Ots , designed reunion point they decided from stolen data to the Goffianos. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3343    Nutk settlers found the Nutk Confederation in Ots. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3343    Settlers form the Ozeancik fleet found Spotzen in Ots.  (Ots VII)                    
  • 3343    Goffianos settlers found the Alianza Goffiana (or Goffyca) in Ots. (Ots VII)
  • 3345    Confederation-Triple Alliance war, between the Nutk Confederation against Norodor, the Alianza and Spotzen.                      
  • 3346   Due the human activity in Ots, an expeditionary force of Pross and K'lak aliens make some settlements as observation bases to human activity in the planet. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3346    Münzen rebellion in the Stornkold colony of Ots. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3346    Alliance between Stornkold and the Alianza Goffyca. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3346    Beginning of the rivalry between the confederate states of Kalingia and New Nutkia. (Ots VII)            
  • 3347    Spotzen explores the Ots system.                     
  • 3347    Norodor-Pross war, between the Norodor Empire and the Pross settlements on Ots. (Ots VII)           
  • 3347    Spotzen first contact with the Nemesis aliens.   (Ots VII)                     
  • 3347    Spotzen first contact with the Cachurros aliens in Alquadesh. (Ots VIII)   
  • 3347    Kasparov CIA creates the first corporative artificial humans, the Shiks. The difference is than rather to create clones for nations, Kasparov CIA get patents and autorization from Spotzen to create artificial humans for private owners. (Ots VIII)                  
  • 3347    Spotzen discover Zor aliens in Ots IX. (Ots IX)                        
  • 3348    Spotzen settle in the planet  Ots XI, renaming it Lhuna. (Ots XI)                        
  • 3348    Spotzen make contact with the Pross and K'lak in Hicen. (Ots XIV)                     
  • 3349    The Nutk Confederation settle Ots XII. (Ots XII)                       
  • 3349    RFB-Nortenz Treaty to delimitate the dominion of Star Systems in the Nebulosa of Ots. (Yusbeff III)  
  • 3350    Spotzen and the Nutk Confederation settle in Alquadesh due the presence of Stornkoldio. (Ots VIII)  
  • 3350    Nortenz invade the capitol of the Auswelt.ICR, Dunkhelm. (Dunkhelm XI).                      
  • 3351    Confederation-Empire War, between the Norodor Empire and the Nutk Confederation. Space Battle of Blornhel. (Ots VII)                                      
  • 3351    Nortenz invade and conquer Zindrak. (Zindrak DZ)                      
  • 3352    Stornkold invade and conquer the confederate Alquadesh. (Ots VIII)    
  • 3352     Once Mekkhere was terraformed enough to be sustainable and autonomous, the CEO of Kasparov CIA, Miss Marvla Kasparova resigns her possition in the megacorporation in exchange of all the data and logs of Mekkhere, which records where deleted completely. The planet, only inhabited by female artificial humans and Marvla Kasparova, will become her retirement place, a personal proyect and a secret colony lost in the Nebulosa of Ots. (Mekkhere III)
  • 3353    Ruhenian refugees from Zindrak arrive to Ots. The Norodor Empire grants them refugee. (Ots VII)      
  • 3353    Beginning of the armamentism of Kalingia. (Ots VII)                                
  • 3354    RFB expedition to Ots arrive, settling down. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3354    First contacts between the Nutk Confederation and Nortenz. (Ots IX)                       
  • 3354    The Otsarian Independent States, -created after the rebelion of Stornkold Münzen and Nutk settlers]] joins the Nutk Confederation. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3354    Zindrak refugees found New Ruhenia in Ots. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3354    Beginning of an era of corruption and organized crime, by Mohammed Kamilo XXIII.                      
  • 3355    Goblin Crisis. Beginning of the Rasga Plague. 3/4 of the Ur Dur goblin population dies.             
  • 3355    Expedition of Spotzen explores in direction to Dunkhelm.                      
  • 3355    Beginning of the Greenplains War. (Ots VII)                     
  • 3355    Nortenz settlers in Ots found the confederate state of Taya, from the Nutk Confederation. (Ots VII)        
  • 3356    Confederation-Spotzen war. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3356    Stornkold governor of Ots renounces, in face of the rebelions and malcontents of the stornkoldian ots colonists.(Ots VII)                        
  • 3356    1st Kalingian expedition, is lost in Ots IX.                      
  • 3356    The Nutk Confederation colonizes Neurorn. (Ots XII)                       
  • 3356    Arrival of more Zindrak and Dunkhelmianos refugees to Ruhenia. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3357    Ots Stornkold Republic secessionate from Stornkold. Soon, their territories are divided among other nations, and the republic dissapear. (Ots VII)                              
  • 3357    Spotzen forces conquer Spramuska, end of the Greenplains war. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3357    Kalingian forces conquer Alquadesh, denying these riches to other confederate states.                
  • 3357    Kalingian attemp to colonize Ots IX fails violently.                      
  • 3357    Arrival of Münzen and Anuchian settlers to Ruhenia. (Ots VII)    
  • 3358   Neurorn, state of the Nutk Confederation.                    
  • 3358    Foundation of the Nutk Union in Ots. New Anuchia, new capitol of the nation. This new political organization, of a federalist state, is resisted by many of the states of the former Nutk Union, who resist the changes and want to keep the independence of each state that formed part of the Confederation, rather than the unified Nutk Union.  (Ots VII)                    
  • 3358    Arrival of RFB and RFC refugees to Ruhenia (Ots VII)                                         
  • 3359    Kalingia colonizes Ots IX succesfully.                      
  • 3359    Nutk Union use the rasga plague in Rasgonik (Ots VI), and later settle this world.                     
  • 3360    Kalingia colonize Phylan. (Ots X)                       
  • 3360    states of the former Nutk Confederation colonize the moons of Neurorn and Lhuna.              
  • 3360    Nutk Union unleas the rasga plague in Rashok (Ots V), and later colonize it.
  • 3360    The former CEO of Kasparov CIA, founder of the corporation and creator of the Shiks, who had ruled Mekkhere as a personal proyect, dies. Mekkhere will remain cut-off from the rest of humanity until the 3410. (Mekkhere III)                   
  • 3361    Kalingia colonize Hicen.                      
  • 3361    Nutk Union colonize Vulcanus, Snadol and Geba (Ots I,II y IV)                       
  • 3362    Escalation of tensions within the Nutk Union and the former confederate states due the centralism of Nutkia. Despise the prohibition to it, the former confederate states began to raise again their statal militias, aside of the federal army. Arms race. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3362    Spotzen joins the Nutk Union. According to the Nutk federalists, only to incordiate, and support the confederate party. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3363    the Nutk Union is attacked by the Norodor Empire. The statal armies of the former confederate states defeat the agression, without support of the federal army, which deployment was too slow.  As the Nutk Union failed to protect their member states, the confederation supporters extreme their possitions, until finally, the Confederation proclaims the secession from the Nutk Union.          

Nutkian Secession Civil War                     Edit

  • 3363    Beginning of the First Nutkian Secession Civil War, due the unilateral declaration of independence of several states of the Nutk Confederation from the Nutk Union. Many units of the Federal army from now confederate states, join the statal armies, reinforcing them. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3363    First campaigns, confederate victories. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3363    Binese settlers in Ruhenia. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3364    Space battles during the First Nutkian Secession Civil War, without conclusive results.                
  • 3364    Under high secret, the Nutk Union creates the ACCENT on Vulcanus. (Ots I)                      
  • 3364    RFB settlers in Hicen.                      
  • 3364    Foundation of the infame WK.CORP megacorporation. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3364    The WK.CORP conquer the rich region of TapiezGoldenberg (Ots VII)                      
  • 3364    skirmishes, faction clashes and ethnic fighing in Ruhenia. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3365    Land offensive, Union victories. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3365    End of the First Nutk Secession Civil War, with a -unclear- Nutk Union victory, with a pacted peace. The Confederate states doesn't want to be part of the Union, but other solution is seeked. (Ots VII)          
  • 3365    The WK.CORP make business with the Alianza.                      
  • 3365    Norodor Empire colonizes Phylan and Drakon (Ots X y XIII)                       
  • 3366    Spotzen abandone the Nutk Confederation. (Ots VII)              
  • 3366    As result of the peace treaty between the Confederation and the Union, are created the United Nutk States (EUN). (Ots VII)        

The Industrial Consortium and the megacorporations                Edit

  • 3367    The ]]WK.CORP]], along with other corporations, create the Industrial Consortium.             
  • 3367    Goblin Extraction treaty between Spotzen and the EUS, to evacuate goblins from Ots and other human-colonized planets                      
  • 3367    Situation of Ruhenia become untenable, due internal ethnic conflict and the pressure of the WK.CORP.                      
  • 3368    Expropation of the WK.CORP industries in the Federal Republic of Bazikstan territories in Ots. The Ruhenian government collapses, and go into exile.  From former-Ruhenia, multiple states claimed independence.                                 
  • 3369    Creation of the League of Independent States of the North. (LEIN)                      
  • 3369    Beginning of the Northern Ots War, between the WK.CORP, LEIN, MAT, RDUC, ACCENT, SOTOK and the Norodor Empire, fought mostly in former Ruhenia.  Later, the EUN and Stornkold will join in 3371.            
  • 3369    Beginning of the Second Nutk secession civil war, due malcontent of the progresively centralist policies of the EUN. The war will end at the 3373, with the independence  of Kalingia, Kuekker and other former confederate states.

Exploring the Nebulosa of Ots  Edit

  • 3376    Norodor Empire explore near star systems.                      
  • 3378    Norodor Empire colonizes the systems of Liahan, Veggetan and Fan-Ho-Tao.
  • 3380    EUN explore and settle the systems of Götar, Nordvehgr and Svear.
  • 3382    Beginning of the imperial race between the EUN and the Norodor Empire.                      
  • 3382    Presidential elections in the EUN: Thomas Utan, of the Utan Clan is elected president of the EUN.
  • 3383    It's discovered a derelict giant spaceship of an ancient alien race: the Xelburok Worldship   
  • 3383    Due the pressure of the EUN and Norodor Empire over the free colonies, they conform a loose alliance to preserve their independence: creation of the Paternic Free Colonies, the LCP.       
  • 3383    Creation of the Mauss-Gun and the Ariete-Class battleships.
  • 3384    The EUS -United States of Spotzen- creates the ENA: Non-Alligned States, to present other alternative to the otsarian nations between the Norodor Empire or the EUN-
  • 3384    Space Battle of Nausica, a four way space battle between the RFB, EUN, Norodor Empire and the ENA -allied with the LCP over the ruins of the Xelburok Worldship. The Nutks of the EAN will be victorious, and will seize to investigate the mysteries of the Nebula of Ots and of the spaceship, adquiring much knowledge of technologies to savage, and of the past of the Nebula of Ots.             
  • 3385   Thomas Utan, president of the EUN realize a self-Coup'd Etat, while the Utan Clan seizes as well the power in the Nutk Confederation and Kalingia.                       
  • 3385  The Utan-controlled Nutk states create the Autocratic Nutk State, the EAN, violently reprising disidents.
  • 3385    Due the violent repression in the EAN, oppositiors to the government either migrate to the Free Colonies and the LCP, and is founded the ELN, Nutk Liberation Army, which will gain support from the ENA.
  • 3386    The Alianza Goffyana enters in the ENA.                 
  • 3388    ENA colonize new star systems, and make first contact with alien species, such as the Gutanos.
  • 3388    Kasmian occupies the north of eastern Otskold.                     
  • 3389   RFB-Empire Crisis due the attack of the EAN.                      
  • 3389    War of Kuekker.                      
  • 3390    Sale of Neu Bazikstan to the EUN. War of Neu Bazikstan.
  • 3390   Terrorism war in the EAN and Norodor Empire.
  • 3391   Proclamation of Independence of the Autonymous Republics of Svaddia and Folsbury.

Nebulosa of Ots War                  Edit

  • 3391    Beginning of the Nebulosa of Ots war, that will be a conforntation between the Allies and the Empires. The war begin with the invasion of the Norodor Empire to the Alianza Goffyca in Ots. (Ots VII)                   
  • 3391    Norodor Empire supress violently the secessionists of Svaddia. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3391    In the deep space, the LCP invade and conquer several imperial systems, poorly guarded and garrisoned, which will be one of the first allied victories of the war.                      
  • 3391    Battle of Folsbury, allied victory. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3392    Battle of Suredek allied victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    Batttle of Kuekker, imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    Beginning of the First Battle of Spramuska. (Ots VII)                     
  • 3392    Battle of Nordor, imperial victory. (Ots VII)                         
  • 3392    Second battle of Folsbury, allied victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    End of the Battle of Svaddia, Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    Ademic Utan and Drakkar heirs to the EAN and Norodor Empire, begin their training. (Ots VII)           
  • 3393    Campaign of the deep space. Norodor Empire and EUN seize back the lost deep colonies, defeating the LCP militias.                      
  • 3393    RFB enter in the Nebulosa of Ots war, supporting the Allies. As answer, Nortenz joins the Empires, which cause a major escalation of the war.                      
  • 3393    End of the First Battle of Spramuska, allied victory. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3394   Battle of the Greenplains, Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3394    Beginning of the Second Battle of Spramuska. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3394    ENA attacks and destroys the Super-fortress Cronos III, one of the largest battle space stations created until now, from the Norodor Empire.                       
  • 3394    Battle of Zawayikyik, in Spotzen. Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3394    Second battle of Norodor, allied victory. Upon this defeat, the Norodor Empire decide to abandone their possetions in Ots, and sells they territories -occupied by the allies- to the EUN. (Ots VII)               
  • 3394    Beginning of the large scale offensive of the RFB against Nortenz.
  • 3395    Kasmian and Folsbury, allied with the EAN. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3395    Kasmian invade east Otskold, conquering it. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3395    Ademic Utan marries with Marie Christine, heir princess of Nortenz. Nortenz-EAN alliance. 
  • 3397    Thanks to the support provided by the EAN, Nortenz, who had been to the brink of defeat, are able to reject the RFB offensive.                 
  • 3398    With the failed offensive of the RFB, the ENA shift alliances and join the  EAN against the RFB. Several systems of the RFB -from the former RFC- are invaded and conquered.                    
  • 3398    With the marriage by Drakkar to the Hannah Utan, sister of Ademic Utan, there is a royal union between the Empire of the Three Houses and the EAN.                      
  • 3402    RFB tries to take back the lost colonies to the Empires, but in the Battle of the RFC, the Federal Bazik Fleet is annihilated. It will take several years to the RFB to rebuild their fleet.        
  • 3404    Münzen from Spramuska explore further in the deep space of the Nebulosa of Ots, discovering new star systems.    
  • 3405    Truce of Ots, signed between the Empires and the Allies. It's not an official end of war for the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, but a cease of fire that prolongued the Status Quo, situation used by both sides to rebuild and prepare their forces, because while the RFB and alliance had lost their space fleets, the Empires weren't able to use their superiority due the bad shape of their groundforces to continue the war. (Ots VII)     
  • 3406  the münzen declare property of Spramuska several systems, which they call Neue Münzen.    
  • 3407    The LCP Free colonies are expulsed of the ENA.                      
  • 3408   Expanssion of the EAN in the deep space, settling new colonies, as an attemp to prepare against the industrial, population and military might of the RFB.                     
  • 3408    Jorge Münzenmay, President of Spramuska and Nueva Münzen, who won the elections with a 36% of the votes. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3409    Expansion of Spotzen in the deep space. Colonialist race with the Nutks, Norodor, the Alianza and the Free Colonies. To be more competitive, Spotzen make a privatization of the colonies, giving large powers to settle and govern the colonies to megacorporations.                      
  • 3409    Secret Treaty of Hunubi, military alliance between the RFB and Spotzen. the RFB recogniced the dominion of Spotzen over the former RFC systems, in exchange of support of Spozten and the EAN when the hostilities of the Nebulosa of Ots War break again.                     
  • 3409    Jorge Münzenmay proclaim the creation of Neue Münzen (NM), a neo-Münzen state that englobes Spramuska, Svaddia, Felcheland and the colonies. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3410    Beginning of the Anuchian War between the LCP Free Colonies and the EAN. The RFB supported in secret the LCP in this war, to test their new equipment, strategies and to wear the Nutks. However, the quick EAN victory would spoil the plans of the Federal Bazik government.                   
  • 3410    Spotzen y sus colonias conformate the United States of Spotzen, EUS. (Ots VII)  
  • 3410    The Imperial Fleet of Norodor, while exploring a star system claimed by the Empire, discover Mekkhere. As all the records of it's colonization where deleted, they consider this an ilegal colony, and seize control of it -and the artificial human population, in name of the empire. (Mekkhere III)                
  • 3411    Due the losses of the LCP Free colonies defeats against the EAN, and the RFB, fearing the defeat of the Bazik admiralty, claiming that the fleet still wasn't ready, the bulk of the RFB fleet is send to the system of Saya-Taya, along with the battleship corsair fleet of the LCP. Reanudation of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, as the RFB breaked the Truce of Ots. Defeat of the RFB Fleet in the Space battle of Saya-Taya, with their fleet being once more time annihilated by the Nutk imperial fleet. (Saya-Taya DZ)   
  • 3412    Beginning of the settlement of the systems of Neue Münzen, with the terraformation and settlement of colonists.                      
  • 3414    End of the the Anuchian War, and new cease of fire of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, with the truce of Paternostria. EAN annex several of the Free Colonies of the LCP with Nutk population or significative minorities. As well, the Norodor Empire and Stornkold seize some territories. The RFB once more time suffered important losses in their fleet, but no territorial loss, and while their casualities where elevated, the nutk casualities where important and more difficult to replace. the EUS, despise the secret treaty with the RFB, didn't entered actively in the war, but used several proxy states and colonies to provide support, and hired and equiped mercenary forces to support the RFB and the LCP.                     
  • 3416   President Jorge Münzenmay reelected with mayority of votes (72% of them), despise his mayor loss of popularity, and support in previous months of only a 12% of the population. This was due the use he made of clonation, as he cloned -with governemnt founds- an extense artificial human (clones) population, conditioned to vote for him. This will be a reason why later the artificial humans will loss in many nations (and in Neue Münzen) political rights to avoid such abuses to repeat. Münzenmay begin a gobernment plan expansionist and militarist. (Ots VII)                      
  • 3417    Secession of several colonies of the EUS, who join the Galactic Union of Nations, creating the state of the DSC.                      
  • 3417    Jorge Münzenmay auments the military spend of Neue Münzen from 0,4 a 5,4% of the PIB, which triggers much social malcontent.                      
  • 3418    As an attemp to prepare for the next war with the RFB, Ademic Utan marries with the heir princess of the Auswelt.ICR. EAN-Auswelt.ICR royal union.                      
  • 3418    To calm the malcontent, Jorge Münzenmay put all the efforts of the gobernment and the public eye in the needs of expansion of Neue Münzen and the danger of unespecified "foreign enemies".                  
  • 3419    EAN discover the Secret Treaty of Hunibi between the EUS and the RFB, and declare war to the EUS and the RFB, breaking the truce of Paternostria. Reanudation of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots. the EUS try as well to take back the lost colonies of the DSC, beginning the DSC war.                
  • 3420    Space Battle of Concepción, between the EUS and the DSC. The EUS have a phyrric victory, having lost about half of their space units, so they decide to retreat, as this secondary war was costing more than the EUS, fighting in the Nebulosa of Ots war, could afford.                    
  • 3420   The terraformed planets of Neue Münzen, already conditioned for himan life, are populated by settlers from the Megapolis of Spramuska. Government plans for massive clonation of population for new settlements.                      
  • 3422    Space Battle of Yusbeff, between the EAN and the RFB. While there was no clear victor and could be considered a draw, being the first mayor space battle of the war between nutks and baziks that didnn't ended in a mayor defeat for the RFB, was proclaimed a victory for the RFB for propaganda reasons.   
  • 3423    Calintropian-Panchuixclan war.                      
  • 3423    Deep Space Battle of A223C, between the RFB and EAN. The RFB was able to destroy a EAN fleet, which was important help for the moral of the RFB space fleet, who still had a inferiority complex when facing the Nutks fleets. The nutks become more careful when dealing with the Bazik, as their invulnerability legend began to break.                     
  • 3423    First contact with the Humian alien, by Neue Münzen.                       
  • 3424    Battle of Svear, a small EAN colny that Ademic Utan had choosen as refugee, after several attemps against his life. But as his wereabouts where discovered, the RFB tried to kill him, sending an assault force. Svear is destroyed, but Ademic Utan escape alive from the colony.                      
  • 3424    Jorge Münzenmay gana las eleciones en la segunda vuelta, solo con el 50,6% de los votos               
  • 3425    Begining of the Renovation of Spotzen, a movement to modernize and renew the EUS.                      
  • 3426    tTense relations between NM and the Humian..                        
  • 3427   Beginning of the Seven Fleets War, between the DSC and Panchuixclan for a confusing militar incident. In response, the DSC attacked Pohlanka, capitol world of Panchuixclan, demanding reparations for the incident of the seven fleets.
  • 3428    Due the DSC attack on Pohlanka, Panchuixclan lay siege to one of the moons of Concepción  as retalation.  Space battle of Phalanea and Battle of Galanea, in which the RFB supports the DSC against Panchuixclan, during the Seven Fleets War. For their support, the DSC join the Allies against the Empires.   
  • 3428    Beginning of the LCP Civil War.                      
  • 3428    Skirmishes between Münzen settlers of NM and Humian aliens. Beginning of the Münzen-Humian war.  
  • 3428    beginning of the Rebellion of the Clones                  
  • 3429    Battle of Smoke Jaguar, in Panchuixclan territory, during the Seven Fleets War.                      
  • 3430    Operation Apocalipsis. The DSC, to finish the armed resistence of Panchuixclan, use extensively bio-chemical weapons during the Seven Fleets War.                   
  • 3430    The Celian Commonwealth become part of the RFB.                      
  • 3430    Creation of the United Transport Company, UTC, a megacorporation dedicated to space-travel and transport.                      
  • 3430    Secession of several colonies from the LCP.                      
  • 3430    NM gain knowledge of the Lorran aliens.                     
  • 3430    First large scale battles in the Münzen-Humian War.                                             
  • 3431    Battle of Tutonia, Seven Fleets War.                      
  • 3431    Beginning of the Operation Anvil and Hammer, the largest scale invasion in history, prepared by the RFB and allies against the Empires. The idea was to attack first the colonies of the Empires, to destroy or capture them, before advancing to the core worlds of the Empires. Beginning of the final phase of the Nebulosa of Ots war.                     
  • 3431    Münzen-human war expands, with the Lorran aliens entering in the conflict, as this become a three-ways war.                      
  • 3432    Battle of Panchuixclan coup d'etat in Panchuixclan, end of the Seven Fleets War, DSC victory.         
  • 3432    During the Operation Anvil and Hammer fall the Capitol System of the EAN, the System of Nueva Anuchia to the hands of the RFB. As well, most of the deep colonies of the nutks are conquered by the Allies -RFB, ENA, EUS and Alianza.- Soon, the industrial and mine centres of the EAN fall as well, as the Nutk resistence crumble, being attacked from several fronts.                                                                     
  • 3433    The alien civilization of Carlanaard and the planet Naylandia are destroyed in a fire of giant proportions, provocated by Julian aenian elves.
  • 3434   End of the Rebellion of the Clones. Several artificial human nations are founded during the war, and are recogniced a bill of rights for the Artificial humans in most nations, trying to put an end to the main abuses against Artificial Humans.                      
  • 3434    With the Operation Anvil and Hammer completed, the RFB begin the Campaign of Ots. Reinforces of Auswelt.ICR, Stornkold and the Empire of Three Houses -all the Empires-, try to face the joint forces of the Allies: RFB, Alianza, EUS, ENA, the Galactic Union of Nations and other minor powers.                      
  • 3434    Beginning of the DSC-RDCS war. Battles of Herakón and Concepción.            
  • 3438    End of the DSC-RDCS war. DSC Victory.
  • 3441   End of the Nebulosa of Ots War or Fifty Years War. The Empires are defeated, and many of their systems, planets and colonies are divided among the victors. The Empire of the three houses disband, the royal union between Nortenz, Auswelt.ICR and the EUN is broken, as is the EAN, divided once more time.Many new nations gain independence.
  • 3443 Beginning of the Devart War.
  • 3450   Return to Aiers: After about 120 years since contact was lost with their homeworld, the Alianza sends an expeditionary force to explore Aiers, which they believed was destroyed or unpopulated after the 5th World War. They make contact.