Shock infantryogre by shabazik-d5nzmpc

Black shock infantry-ogre of the armies of the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria

H O K K E, Nigra Ogrii

Race: Black Ogre of Tok

Class: Ogre

Species: Goblinoid

Other names: Black ogre, ogre of Tok, Hokke, ogre, ugri, Ogyr, Canu

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons, Nigromancer of Tok-Thoria.

The Hokke or black ogres are goblinoids of the Ogre family, and they were a race of ogres raised and bred by the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria of the Homonimous archipelago.

General DescriptionEdit

The role of the Hokke was as support heavy infantry for the Koktos -black orc- legions, and rather than serving in special ogre units, they were often dispersed among the orc infantry: Adding to this to their physical similarities (and similar gear), often the ogres of Tok were confused as a large breed of orcs, rather than ogres.

With the many ogre-orc hybrids among the legions of the Nigromancer, this wasn't much of a mistake. Hokkes greatly resembled the Koktos in having a short, wide torso, and short, thick legs, and long, massive arms and large shoulders, often having a bit of a stoop. They differed largely in being even thicker in body, and larger in dimension.


The Ogres (feminine singular: ogress, plural: ogresses) are usually large humanoid monsters with carnivorous diets, and are closely related to the Oni, Trolls, Cyclops and Skamals, being all part of the Goblinoid family.

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