The human city of Roccasone became a major slave-holding society in Dargoina Mountains at the western border of the vast region of Polforia, that was located in north-central Aels. As a society based in the mountains, with an urban hub and subsidiary towns and villages of steep streets, narrow passages, bridges and stairways, and a need for the transport of goods over a wide domain of mostly mountainous or hilly terrain, transport was very important.

As horses and even mules were not always well suited for urban transport of intra-city messages or everyday goods and services, or even passing over narrow switchbacks hugging the mountains, or various bridges, the use of humanoid slaves collectively called "Horses" sprung up.

Types of 'Horses'Edit

The Horses were divided into categories separated by age and function, and sometimes by race. They function as messengers and porters in a mountainous city and nation that uses many staircase steps and narrow passages.


Ponies: Young teens: mainly delivering messages and very small packages. Speed is essential. Ozcura Orcs elves and half-elves are popular choices for performing this duty in a military capacity past adulthood for their light weight but good speed.


Horses: older teens, young adults: still in most cases delivery service, but now carrying backpacks for transporting bigger items. Certain orcs, such as Brum Orcs, or orc-human hybrids, humans and half elves are likely to serve in this role.


Mules: Also older teens and young adults that are more 'heavily built' and everything that is older: carrying heavy loads, operating winches, maybe even pulling carts in the flatter areas of the city. The activities of the 'Horses', particularly the 'Mules' revolve around transport of goods, but having hands and intelligence, the roles and duties in transporting might be rather more abstract than those of actual horses. Indeed, doing what the actual animals cannot readily do is the reason for this class of slaves.

Speed is not the most important aspect in the duties of Mules as much as getting the cargo to its destination, and to do so without upsets. Given some slopes and use of long flights of steps, avoiding mishaps is important. Races like dwarves, kanovs, humans, Brum orcs, green orcs, and various human hybrids are likely selected for these roles, which are the most common transport slaves.

Characteristics of HorsesEdit

Like all trained slaves, Horses are meant to be obedient and efficient. Particularly in that they put towards specific tasks involving transport and sometimes a great deal of importance and trust is placed on them regarding messages.

Dress of HorsesEdit

Horses often wear little more than loincloths and good quality shoes for foot protection and speed. Depending on use, they also wear yoke harnesses, or pouches or backpacks strapped and locked onto their bodies.

Hair IdentifierEdit

Horses have their hair shaved along the sides with gels applied to raise the center hair up in a crest in a "Mohawk" hair style to identify them as 'Horse' transport slaves.


Horses of the 'Pony' or 'Horse' types have often been trained to run along routes quickly and efficiently. For 'Ponies' swift children are trained to run from place to place, building their endurance so that as Ponies they will deliver messages. At that age it suits them to run swiftly but carry little weight. The older teens or young or light adults who serve as 'Horses' are trained to carry heavier loads also at running speed.

As the Ponies are often trained from childhood, and the role of being part of the military courier functions, (a Pony Express) is an elite form of slavery, and for young teens or smaller framed, swift individuals, a certain amount of loyalty to the masters is expected and often demonstrated by the Ponies. Ponies are often entrusted with important messages and valuable small items, and their function is to travel in the city by being running slaves acting under orders, but on their own recognizance.

Older Horse slaves retire to 'Mule' status when they can no longer run quite so fast, or they are simply of a body frame that they could never move very fast and are best used for their strength in hauling loads. Also, this is the category where new slaves of an older age might be assigned to as it is more brute strength oriented with less trust needed, as the mules most often work in teams and in conjunction with an overseer.

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