Unholy Mountain of Hortann by Shabazik

The Unholy Mountain of Hortann between Uslen to the South, and Purpuria to the North (Names on the map are written in the Spanish)

The Unholy Mountain of Hortann is a massive moutain in the Nohalion mountain range, north of Uslen and south of Enkel, being the highest mountain of Aels with 7,112 m m above sea level.

Hortann and ReligionEdit

The Mountain of Hortann, since prehistoric times was considered a holy place by many groups of peoples of Aiers, being found archeological remains of ceremonial sites, sacrifices, burials and temples, and some of the oldest recorded legends of dwarves, elves and draak harg recorded Hortann as place of residence of their own pantheons of gods and deities.

Hortann was considered then one of the most sacred places for most of the inhabitants of southern Aels, and the temples and monasteries that were found there were important pilgrimage sites.

With the arrival of humanity, at first there would be some attempts by the Christian unlic to stop this, but ultimately what they did was largely to settle their own monasteries and temples over previous, non-human religious sites, being then continued the tradition by humans as well of the mountain as a sacred place.

This vinculation between the holy mountain and religion, as a home of gods and divinity, will be one of the main reasons why the demons of the early Dark Legion will seize control of it, building Satman the Apprentice the demonic citadel of Hortann, the highest demonic fortress in all Aiers.

Since the occupation of the demons of Hortann, it name will be changed to the "Unholy Mountain", as was used since then as an important site for the demonic religion. -and remaining a holy place for some of the servants and allies of the Dark legion, as drows and goblinoids.- 

The Citadel of HortannEdit

The Citadel of Hortann was a massive fortress of the Dark Legion of Demons built on the slopes of the Unholy Mountain, with the Tower of the Apprentice built upon the summit.

The architect and founder of this fortress was the demon overlord Satman the Apprentice, who will began it's construction in 1453 a.a.H, as a forward base to attack the Dumian empire. During 800 years, Satman continued to expand the citadel and the fortifications, building not only one but a ring of forts and castles to defend his seat of power.

Because of this, the Citadel will be one of the main and more imposing fortresses of the demons, and until the First War of the Power, it will be considered impregnable. While it fell against the forces of the Whide Axis and their human allies, it will not be occupied. 

During the Middle Human age it remained largely abandoned and in ruins, with only parts of the forts and castles occupied by remnants of the dark legion or goblinoid tribes.

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