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House Dahl'Arak, Top to Bottom: Leg of the Spider Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, Councilwoman and War-Priestess Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, Colonel Rhea Dahl'Arak, Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak

House Dahl'Arak

House Dahl'Arak was a very successful house in the economy and politics of the city-state of Negeémiliel. Large numbers of their members would serve in the Low Council of the city, and several would serve in the executive High Council.

Family Home -- The Depths of ArakEdit

The Dahl'Arak family's name comes from the town called the Depths of Arak, or "Dahl'Arak", where "Dahl" means "port", or "town of trade". Almost nothing is known of how the family came to be there or took on the name of the mining settlement.

Speculation: Perhaps the family were commoners generations earlier and colonized the settlement, or traded away a foreign family name in favor of the settlement, or were mercenaries who conquered the settlement and its mines from dwarves? Certainly the location and design of the Depths of Arak seems more like a dwarven settlement than a Drow one.

It is known that the town is a major producer of metals, particularly iron ore, and considerable mining, smelting and forging go on there, as the abundance and replacement of vast quantities of air makes it an ideal location for heavy industry in metals. The town's location atop a deep volcanic shaft also makes it useful for moving materials up and down from different levels of Kazrrad. The Depths of Arak is a very important asset to Negeémiliel, and the source of wealth for the family.

Known Family MembersEdit

Family MatronsEdit

  • Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, general, and Leg of the Spider of the Negeémi High Council.
  • Palmyra Dahl'Arak, mother of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, also both former general and former Leg of the Spider, governor of an unknown Negeémi colony as of 2428 a.a.H.
  • Danieh'le's grandmother, name unknown, also a former Leg of the Spider. deceased.

Other Older Members of the Principal FamilyEdit

Except for her mother, Palmyra, who has abdicated her role as matron, and Palmyra's brother, Nalfeim, Danieh'le is the oldest surviving member of the principal family of the House Dahl'Arak.

  • Uncle: Nalfeim Dahl'Arak. Palmyra's brother. An aging male drow, never married.
  • Siblings: Two unnamed older half-sisters, both deceased. No issue. No known younger siblings.


Grandchild: Dhaura Dahl'Arak, the young daughter of Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak. Not yet an Initiated in the Academy as of 2428 a.a.H.

Known CousinsEdit

  • Larqvel, female citizen, presumed name of Dahl'Arak.
  • Dobesh, Larqvel's son, an adolescent male, presumed name of Dahl'Arak.
  • Charinida Nim-Dahl'Arak, an Acolyte of a secondary family.
  • Initiated Dahl'Arak, a young Initiated who defended the city during the civil war against looters. Possibly Larqvel's daughter, or the daughter of another cousin. Last name of Dahl'Arak, no first name known.

Enemies as FamilyEdit

Danieh'le seems to have a sort of fetish of binding enemies to her family in various ways. She raped the High elf prisoner Belád Bonceduil "The White Hermit" to deliberately have a child with him. She would also have sex with an elf prisoner with the twins she had with the captured King of the Hill, Hildetriel IV the Young, whom she captured in battle. She also set up a marriage contract between a young cousin, Dobesh Dahl'Arak and Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra, a political enemy and daughter of Selene Paen'Dhirra, a powerful adversary.

Each of Danieh'le's pregnancies was with a different man. Whether the fathers of her eldest daughters, Shi'Nill and Rhea might have been with men who could be characterized as enemies or family of enemies is unknown.

Activities of MembersEdit

House Dahl'Arak has long been at the forefront of the politics, military, and economics of the Drow city-state of Negeémiliel, and has been certainly one of the leading families of the state.


Members of House Dahl'Arak have been shown to be part of the conservative Negeémi Senatorial Party. At least three successive generations of House Dahl'Arak matrons have served as Leg of the Spider in the Negeémi High Council. It is known that lesser family members have often served in the Negeémi Low Council.

Although of seemingly the same party, the various members differ a bit in the precise 'flavor' of the party. The House Matron of the 25th Century a.a.H., Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, has a practical and secular view and leanings in the party, although she has served in highly visible theological rituals in the past. This seems to have perhaps put her at some odds with her daughter Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, who is a member of the Traditionalist wing of the Negeémi Senatorial Party. Shi'Nill seems to be a devout retired priestess, and a member of the Low Council.

The family matron, Danieh'le, was hesitant to call upon her eldest daughter Shi'Nill for aid in her plotting of a counter-coup d'état against the schemes of the Negeémi Populist Party. Further, Shi'Nill demanded a large price for her aid. Not one of personal gain but for her traditionalist wing and the Cult of Negeé. The price being the 'unconstitutional' appointment of a priestess of Negeé to the main Negeé Temple of Doom, rather than a sorceress as was traditional. There is reason to believe that Danieh'le felt that her daughter, and prospective heir as house matron, could not be fully trusted? On the other hand, she may well have been protecting her daughter and house by not involving her for so long?

Doubtlessly, other family members of the clan have their own leanings and political aspirations that might deviate from the house matron. What the cousins of the principal family do as retired Acolytes is generally unknown, but likely revolves around the Low Council or business of the family or their own.


Officer ClassEdit

At least Danieh'le, and her own mother, Palmyra Dahl'Arak, were generals in the Negeémi military. Other members, such as Danieh'le's middle daughter Rhea Dahl'Arak seems well on her way to achieving that rank, or several family members have served as officers. The family has also proved to have members adept at the manipulation of magic, and so, has produced some priestesses and likely, lesser, tactical magic user specialists. The family has considerable influence in the bureaucratic politics of the military as well.


There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that Danieh'le Dahl'Arak has considerable leverage with the crack mercenary house known as the Black Widows, who have had a long time association with the general and her army division. Also, House Dahl'Arak has their own, private or semi-private, mercenary house that primarily guards their ancestral town, the Depths of Arak from outside attack, and likely to prevent slave revolts? Whether there are limits on the use of the Dahl'Arak mercenaries is unknown, it is known that private armies are supposedly illegal in the Negeémi state.


Mining and SmeltingEdit

The original source of the family wealth is the iron ore mines of the Depths of Arak, and those mines remain very important as the clan's ancestral home and continued income. Protecting that source of resources and money is quite probably why the town has its own professional mercenary house guarding it as opposed to the more commonly seen drow militias that frequently police or reinforce municipalities.

It would seem that current generations of Dahl'Araks spend much more of their time in the capital city of Negeémiliel. Certainly as a leading family, it is advantageous to be near the source of political power. Even when the former house matron Palmyra Dahl'Arak retired, she elected to become a governor of a colony, rather than return to the established town of the Depths of Arak. It is likely that members of a subsidiary branch of the family serves as the presiding authority and oversees operations in the mining community?

In any event, the Depths of Arak remains quite important, besides, circumstantial evidence suggests that the family has expert knowledge of weapons and armor manufacturing. Expert forging and metal artistry beyond mining and smelting must go on in the Depths of Arak as well. It would stand to reason that the Dahl'Arak family makes a good business of such work.

Speculation: Danieh'le Dahl'Arak had captured the high elf known as the White Hermit (Belád Bonceduil), and set him to work supplementing his blacksmith skills with more advanced metal sciences from expert workers in the Temple of Doom. Perhaps Danieh'le Dahl'Arak had intended to have him as a slave toiling in the clan's forges, turning out expert crafts?

Other IndustriesEdit

Even so, the family has expanded into many other businesses in the capital city of Negeémiliel, and perhaps in other communities. It is unknown precisely what all of these other operations are, but it is known that like many other wealthy Negeémi families, the Dahl'Arak family has entered into the expanding economy of the production of silk textiles. The clan is also well invested in the slave market due to the heavy use of slaves in the Depths of Arak and has a close familiarity with the slave market. This was evidenced by Danieh'le having sufficient knowledge and expertise to personally pose as a slaver, and House Dahl'Arak having a staff of slave trainers, so it is almost certain that the Dahl'Arak clan has membership in the slaver guild.

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