the Kingdom of Huen was a High elven realm of northeastern Ushaenor, imperial subject of the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis.

Brief descriptionEdit

For long a stronghold of the White Party, they tried to keep in check the Ushavericans humans, ultimately failing in their attempts, due to the rise and interference of Ne'Sargos.

The principal inhabitants of the state were Golden High Elves?


Showdown with Ne'SargosEdit

Huen actively resisted the encroachments of Ne'Sargos into internal affairs and the illegal colonization of Sargosian and Ushaverican humans, but were rebuffed by Ne'Sargos due to Huen's relative weakness. Attempts to secure imperial aid against Ne'Sargos came to nothing due to the practiced obstructionism of the Purple Party, and general disinterest. Huen was therefore forced to back down against Ne'Sargos and its ruler, Camillo III.



This was a turning point in that the humans of Ne'Sargos no longer seriously feared reprisals from the Empire of the Whide Axis, and gained a more aggressive and free hand in future land acquisitions and negotiations with the continental empire of high elves. This position of power would grow stronger as Ne'Sargos was united with the kingdom of Sargos-Degoland in the continent of Aels

Whide AxisEdit

It was also a turning point in that the humiliation of Huen and the rising power of Ne'Sargos in the future years caused the High elf realms to begin take the human nation seriously as a threat greater than their factional disputes and political leanings. This stopped the long, slow escalation of violence and animosity between the kingdoms of the White and Purple ideologies, preventing a probable continental scale civil war. Elven states would begin to become more cooperative again.

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