Imad'Salam was a great port and coastal city in the northwest of Zarhuy.

Founded over the old high elven colony of Tryan'marhiel, which after the kanov conquest had been renamed Tri'marhak, with the conversion to the Islam of it's inhabitants it was renamed Imad'Salam at the 1854.

The city was inhabited mostly by the half elven, half kanov Im'Salanos -coming this name precisely from Imad'Salam-.

Traders and sailors, they extended their influence in the shores of northwestern Zarhuy, founding numerous city-states between the delta of the Ure river and Tunecern.

However, menaced by the Tunecern Pirates in the sea and inland from kanovs and human realms, they will make an alliance with the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov.

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