Iperto was the name of a region in south-western Aels, south to the Titanizk Mountains and southeast of Hannian, west from the purple fields of Purpurian and north of Uslen. To its southeast was located the Desert of Death, where resided the Sand Beings.

The Desert of Iperto Edit

While it was regarded as a single desert, the desert of Iperto was to be divided in three deserts:

The first, the westernmost desert was a coastal desert. The cool winds crossing this water picked up the moisture and the coastal region had low temperature and very low rainfall, the main precipitation being in the form of fog and dew, and the range of temperatures on a daily and annual scale was relatively down. This desert was long and narrow, bounded to the east by a low mountain range.

The Inner Dessert was a cold desert that occurred at high latitudes, with the aridity being caused by the dryness of the air. Separated from the ocean by the mountain range of Iperto, there was insufficient moisture in the air to cause much precipitation.

The Third desert -the Desert of Death- home to the Sand Beings, was a mix of a rocky desert and sand dunes.

History Edit

Draak Harg coastal cities Edit

High Elven Hegemony Edit

Dumian Rule Edit

Demon Cults Edit

The Kanov Kingdom of Iperto Edit

After the fall of the Northern Dumian Empire, the region fell in anarchy and disorganization. While on the coast the Draak Harg cities regained their independence and in Abilia the demonic cults ruled, Kanov tribes founded their own realms:

these tribal kanov kingdoms will be regarded by their neighbors of Dumia, Uslen and Purpurian as the Kingdom of Iperto, but this was really only giving a political coherence and identity of a loose mix of related Kanov tribes, that shared customs and language in Far Iperto.

Under demonic influence, Satman will crown a Great Kanov or High King -Cürpülü Krüvo in Ipertian kanov-, who had a -largely nominal- power over the Kanovs of Iperto, forming them into a vassal realm and army under the service of the Dark Legion of Demons.

Defeated at the First War of the Power, the Kanov Kingdom disbanded.

Iperto after the Cataclysm Edit

As result of The Cataclysm, Iperto suffered a dramatic change on its climate: after the Cataclysm, it lay in the southern half of the northern temperate zone, but the climate of its mountains, interior plain, and seacoast varies dramatically according to elevation, prevailing winds, and distance from the sea. The mountain regions fall under the influence of continental air currents and Mediterranean-like air masses. Snow blankets most of the highlands during the winter, but temperature and precipitation differ with elevation. 

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