The JPM (Jonction des Peuples Momb) was originally the designation given to the personal union under the king Jean Paul I of the Upperlands of the Upperlands, Juanpableiro and Momb since the 3048. While a personal union under the King Jean Paul I, it had an elected parliament, being governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, organised as a federal state.

Later during the second half of the XXXI century and the first half of the XXXII century after the apparition of humanity, the JPM expanded both thanks to diplomacy, military might and further royal marriages and personal unions, that will bring the JPM  to become an empire that extended across five continents -Aels, Ushaenor, Zarhuy, Hieyoks and Zean-

While after the Anglasecuarnian Wars the union shattered, as many nations began to leave, and later they will lost part of their colonial empire of Zarhuy and Hieyoks, the core of the JPM union of the Upperlands-Juanpableiro and Momb will continue to exist until the XXXIII century, and even after the royal union ended, the Upperlands keeped the name as the JPM, and decades later, an international western Aelian-North Ushaverican alliance will be known as well under this name.

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