Ja-ti, officially the GOFFY Republic of Ja-ti (République d'Ja-tï) is a country in the western hemisphere, and is located on the island of Ja-tïyi, in the Skable Sea.

Originally inhabited by Elves, after the cataclysm the territory became an island, cut from the continent. The island was discovered by Christian Aintoinel, a Lataverican explorer, who decided to settle with his peoples, founding the Merchant Principalty of Ja-ti, crowning himself as prince of Ja-ti.

It was a prosperous principalty that will control the Skable sea, becoming as well known for becoming a center of slave trade as raided the coasts of Ushaenor, becoming to be the Ja-ti pirates as feared as the ones of Tunecern: this will lead to international conflict, and the final invasion of the JPM, who annexed the Principalty into their Ushaverican Colonial possetions.

As the JPM power began to crumble in Ushaenor, the Ja-ti will be along the firsts to rebel, claiming the independence of the Republic of Ja-ti: however, independece wouldn't be easy, and Ja-ti will fall in a spiral of violence, civil wars, wars with Tonel, Gofondria, Ushaverica and as well of foreign interventions.

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