The Jabharil Trio (2428-2429 a.a.H.)

Fanatics of the cult of the flower by shabazik-d60t99e

The Jabharil Trio in the foreground. left to right, Numeda Tri'Se, Chadie Maltree, and Musshil Kesalf.

The "Jabharil Trio" are three drow women who joined the "Cult of the Flower" as Fanatics of Jabharilshortly before the Negeemiliel Civil War. (See Dahl'Arak Coup)  Their misadventures appear in the "Maylara Maltree" story in the world of Aiers, and in the story "Three Dangerous Cultists".

The Character BiographiesEdit

The three drow women are named Musshil Kesalf, Chadie Maltree, and Numeda Tri'Se.Edit

The three have similarities to each other, but differ greatly in many ways as a sort of cross section of Negeemi drow who might join the Jabharil 'Cult of the Flower' and perform illegal activities in support of the religion. Often even if they have little or no faith in the Jabharil fertility goddess.  Musshil (Musshy) is from an extremely poor family, Numeda is from a working class family, Chadie is an optimistic outsider who fell on hard times.  Chadie and Musshy joined due to circumstances, Numeda joined as a true believer in the church.  Numeda and Chadie both have charisma as in force of personality, Musshy seems weak and unsophisticated, but has common sense and hidden inner strength.

Musshil Kesalf  "Musshy"  2353 - ?Edit

A poor drow of the drow city state of NegeémilielMusshil Kesalf, (Musshy) is very petite and is a slender and underdeveloped drow woman.  This physical smallness is partially attributable to malnutrition as she is a maligned member of a very poor family.  She joined the illicit operations of the Jabharil Church (Cult of the Flower) as a 'uniformed' Jabharil fanatic.  Musshil joined under duress by her great aunt who had threatened to sell her into slavery so as to save the family from starvation.

On her first mission, she was teamed up with two large drow women named Chadie Maltree and Neroe Idrizzi.  The mission was successful in kidnapping the young initiate Carlae Lo'Kee, the daughter of an acolyte captain.  The successful kidnapping and the positive eyewitness accounts of an observer in the service of the Jabharil cult reflected well on the team of new Jabharil fanatics.  So well, that they were rewarded with membership into the visible church itself.  A coveted award to occur so soon.

Ruining the uniform by shabazik-d37thnk

Musshy using her sentry sash as a top

Musshy's contribution was to attack Initiate Carlae Lo'Kee from behind with a piece of lumber as a club.  She did this when the young girl had stunned Neroe and floored Chadie.  This was judged as being instrumental in keeping young Carlae from escaping.  It allowed the petite drow to advance with her more physically and combat capable companions.  This success bonded the three together, and the two larger drow became Mussy's friends and helped her.

Musshy was embarrassed to be a fanatic and then a Jabharil sentry as in both cases she was to wear uniforms that were topless.  Musshy is very sensitive towards her small breasts.  Despite some awkwardness with her superiors and fellows in the Jabharil church over her shyness, Musshy adjusted to the uniform.  She even started to feel more comfortable, confident, and assertive in her role as a sentry, which granted her the most respect she had been given in her life.

Personal AttributesEdit

  • Self conscious about being small and nearly flat-chested 
  • Practical Minded
  • Shy, but able to find her voice
  • Minimally trained spear and knife skills
  • Compensates emotionally with her long hair

Chad'wii Maltree  "Chadie" 2389 - ?Edit

Chadie Maltree is a young drow that is only a few years beyond the age of adulthood.  Despite this, she is tall and strong, attractive, well built and busty; a woman of considerable determination and personality.  These qualities helped lead her into some bad choices that left her near despair.  Like Musshy, she bacame a Jabharil "fanatic" due to need, not faith, and has latched onto it as her means to escape the increasingly hard life she has found in Negeémiliel, wanting to go home wiser than she left.  She's a risk taker by nature, but not anymore. 

Chad'wii Maltree was born in Animadelia, a small drow village just beneath a rock face of a low mountain within the Nohalion Mountains.  The village had the use of a small surface valley and the wooded hills surrounding the entry point leading to the village.  Animadelia is part of the Negeemiliel empire of cities, towns and villages of Kazrrad, the underworld, but is far removed from the main tunnel highway networks connecting the empire.  The connection to the surface of Nohalion is potentially valuable, but its current isolation limits its usefulness.

Nonetheless, the outside was very useful to the support of the village.  Much more food comes from the outside surface than the cultured fungi, algae and meat that is usually found within Kazrrad.  Drow specializing in gardening and hunting make use of the outside.  The Maltree are a clan that specialized in hunting and ranging the surface for food and as guards patrolling the perimeters of the territory of the village.

The Maltree clan of Animadelia are immigrants from the north of Aels.  After providing service as scouts and rangers during the 1rst War of the Powers, the small family of sisters moved along with Negeemiliel based mercenaries and acolytes down to southern Aels where they came to live in Animadelia, making a living as hunters and rangers.

Chadie was among the third generation born to the Maltree's following the immigration of the Maltree sisters to the village.  Her mother was Auril Maltree, the first born Maltree native to Animadelia, a renowned hunter and ranger of the community.  Chad'wii grew up disliking comparisons to her mother, especially disliking any unfavorable comparisons.  Chad'wii disliked her second syllable to her name as "wii" implies "Mother's daughter", or "like mother".  She became well regarded as a "cool girl" among the youths of the village but a young and arrogant troublemaker amongst the elders.

Chadie also tired of the life around Animadelia, feeling that there would be better opportunities for wealth and excitement, indeed, the outpost had few opportunities to go beyond a basic role.  She was one of the best hunters in Animadelia, and felt that she was one of the better fighters.  She left Animadelia with a rare caravan during the last Nortunk conflict as an extra guard and loader, not intending to return.  After seeing much of Kazrrad's towns on the caravan circuit, she came to the capital of Negeémiliel intending to make it big.

Finding that she was not nearly as skilled at hand to hand and melee fighting as she thought, Chadie had to resort to do manual work rather than being the mercenary she thought that she could be.  She found some success for a time by signing on with the Light Blue Ribbons, not realizing that they were a poorly regarded Mercenary house.  Chadie made some money as a guard for them, and regained her "cool girl" status in the city, as she became fashionable and a spender as she tried to reinvent herself.  She acquired a  hot man during this time "worthy of her". 

Thinking that she had much improved her abilities, and growing dissatisfied with the poor pay and unglamourous guard jobs with the Light Blue Ribbons, Chadie quit, and tried to join the Black Widows (mercenary house), she was again found wanting and left humiliated.  She found that her several months of experience with the Light Blue Ribbons failed to impress any other mercenary house. 

Then, her mate stole her savings and abandoned her!  Unable to return to the Light Blue Ribbons, Chadie was then forced to return to manual work such as construction and digging tunnels and mines, not having much success in these either, and became unemployed with growing debts.  Chadie resolved to leave the city, but caravans might take poorly trained fighters in the outlands, but not in capital, Chadie found to her regret.

Chadie Crop what about desertion by shabazik-d3iwbte

Chadie Maltree at a Jabharil Festival

Finally, Chadie consolidated her debts with a loan from the Cult of the Flower.  She also started burglaring houses and buildings to pay her way, and to fund the Jabharil Church.  Being a young and strong woman of--some--capabilities, she was "invited" to join the Fanatics of Jabharil, the fanatics being a means of paying her debt and using her strength and skills to help fund the Cult of the Flower by crime. Also by committing crimes of intimidation against commoners who worshipped Negeé and other gods, and also to force Jabharil worshippers to give and do more.  

Chadie hated to comply with this demand, knowing that being caught in a crime as a fanatic by the Negeemiliel acolytes would lead to dire consequences and suspecting that the city was veering towards an urban war between the acolyte elites and the Jabharil church.  But she needed to pay her debt and make good money to leave the city, and she well knew that being a thief or itinerant laborer were no solutions.

Personal AttributesEdit

  • A skilled hunter
  • Proficient with a number of weapons, especially a knife and crossbow
  • Has mastered basic hand to hand fighting skills
  • Has basic lock picking and burglary skills
  • Likes to wear fashionable outfits, a bit of a street dandy

Numeda Tri'Se  "Numie" 2357 - ?Edit

Numeda Tri'Se is working class drow native to the city of Negeémiliel of average height and build, but she does have a strikingly attractive body and a fierce demeanor.  Largely it is mask, her fear tends to be expressed as anger.  she would prefer to follow than lead, but can be a good motivator for others, and she isn't averse to doing the hard and dirty work if need be. She led a group of fellow fanatics once as she is smart and decisive enough to have done a reasonably good job at it.  She worked hard to become a Sentry of Jabharil, and carries herself with hard earned pride.

Numeda grew up amongst a household of workers specializing in the manufacturing of dyes for small weaving shops.  It wasn't a bad life for a working family, just one that resulted in stained fingers.  Unfortunately, it was business that became harder to make a good living at despite the growing business of textiles that Negeemiliel produced.  Textiles had long been big business, but there had always been plenty of "cottage" industries.  But the growing trade encouraged the large industries to expand, and other elite houses to enter into the industry and steal market share from those unable to easily compete.

Life grew hard, as supplies of raw silk became more expensive for the small houses without the giant spiders, and dye components even more so.  The industry expanded enough to keep small houses hanging on despite the heavy competition, but just barely.  Numeda left the small shop for larger ones, but found herself often redundant when the growing slave market would take jobs.  She came to be reduced to hawking wares on the streets where her often aggressive personality at least gave her some advantage.

Nonetheless, when the foreign religion of the Goddess of Love and Fertility, Jabharil came to Negeemiliel, she came to welcome it.  Not immediately, first her interest was the intricately styled and colored abbreviated uniforms that they wore.  They were willing to pay more for the best work of the cottage industries rather than the big houses.  This endeared them to Numeda even though she didn't benefit much directly, but her family got some benefit from the business of the new and growing religion.

Drow commoners by shabazik-d5nq4vf

Numeda Tri'Se, crouching adult in middle

Jabharil appreciated weavers and dyers just as much as soldiers it seemed.  Numeda found herself taken with the new religion that was more concerned with the working drow.  But as it supported the working people, work was needed to support Jabharil.  The goddess of love needed her adherents to have love for each other--and especially love for her! 

Numeda joined the Fanatics of Jabharil and came to lead a small group.  They stole from the rich by breaking into warehouses, they demanded that those who received help from the church give help in return.  They disgraced services to the wretched goddess of war, Negeé , attacked her worshippers, beat up those who needed encouragement "to do the right thing".  Killed a man who infiltrated the cult...

That was how Numeda came to be promoted to being a "sentry" in the open church at long last.

Personal AttributesEdit

  • Very knowledgeable of textiles
  • Can work hard and fast
  • Willing to self sacrifice and make tough choices
  • Not afraid to get her hands dirty
  • Believes in Jabharil and concept of universal love

A Problem with "Neroe"Edit

During a Jabharil festival, it was discovered that girls Initiated to Negeé (the matron goddess of the city) that the Cult of the Flower had captured, had escaped.  This threw the church into an uproar that was covered by the festival.  Musshil Kesalf was on duty with her assigned partner Numeda Tri'Se, when her friend Chadie Maltree requested her help to follow and, if necessary, stage an "intervention" on "Neroe Idrizzi", who had said words that led Chadie to believe that Neroe was abandoning the church.

Musshy joined Chadie, and along with Numeda Tri'Se, had successfully followed Neroe who was with several children.  Somewhat foolishly, the three failed to connect the missing kidnapped children to the children that Neroe was walking with.  This oversight was largely because of the Jabharil flower designs on the girls' clothing, the three interpreted the children as being children of the Jabharil worshippers at the festival, being shepherded home by Neroe who had gone off duty.  But Chadie still wanted to question Neroe and so they continued to follow her into the "Hanging Spires" neighborhood.

The Hanging Spires is so named as it consists of wealthy homes, with facades and alcoves carved out in tunnels above the roof of the main Negeemiliel cavern.  Many of these mansions have chambers and halls carved out into the stalactites that hover over the city and the deep vertical cavern called the Abyss of Doom near the center of the city.  This is a neighborhood that few members of the Jabharil Church would be expected, so Chadie, Musshy and Numeda decided to try and enter a house to help them speak to Neroe.

Captured by Laeh'le Dahl'ArakEdit

Unfortunately, they too, in turn, had been observed and followed by the Negeé Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, the youngest daughter of the powerful 'Leg of the Spider' general Dahl'Arak.  Priestess Laeh'le ahd overheard some of their conversation and observed their break in to a house.  She attempted to arrest the three, and successfully fought and stunned all three.

At you service by shabazik-d5cpzvh

Jabharil Trio as slaves in training of House Dahl'Arak. They are attending their acting mistress, Carlae Lo'Kee, oldest daughter of Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee

Interrogation and Preliminary EnslavementEdit

The "Jabharil Trio" were imprisoned and learned that "Neroe Idrizzi" was an agent for the Acolytes' Senatorial party working for Laeh'le's superior officer, Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee.  The three were subjected to "aggressive interrogation", and had learned that the girl that they had captured was the eldest daughter of Captain Lo'Kee, and that their mission had been a setup by the acolytes to insert "Neroe" the acolyte agent into the Cult of the Flower.  Lo'Kee punished the Jabharil Trio by passing a preliminary sentence of enslavement on the three for being criminal members of the Cult of the Flower, and giving them to Priestess Laeh'le as a gift. 

This gift was a commemorative gift meant to prove to Laeh'le's very powerful mother that her daughter did indeed have skill in combat.  Captain Lo'Kee had long wished to use the success of Laeh'le to appear to be a capable mentor and officer for the young Dahl'Arak, but Laeh'le had long failed her in this endeavor.  Lo'Kee had hoped that this unexpected success in the midst of preventing a coup d'état by the rival acolyte Populist Party of the city-state would make a welcome news for General Dahl'Arak.

Reasons for High ScrutinyEdit

To ensure that the Cult of the Flower was not aware of Lo'Kee's mission and "Neroe's" infiltration, Lo'Kee had tortured the three captured cultists with much "truth serum" and other drugs along with the expertise of one Bruh'la Sard, an expert slave trainer.  The drugs and trainer obtained through Laeh'le Dahl'Arak from House Dahl'Arak.  The three girls were handed over to Bruh'la Sard who trained them as slaves, hoping to get them trained to the high standards of the House Dahl'Arak.

The Dahl'Arak HouseEdit

The Jabharil Trio, considered Dahl'Arak slaves, had been moved to the mansion of House Dahl'Arak, after training and serving for several months under the head slave of the Lo'Kee house. They often served under Initiate Carlae Lo'Kee as their acting mistress. Ironically, Carlae is the girl that Musshy and Chadie had kidnapped.

Sometime before the enactment of the Senatorial Populist coup d'état, (see Dahl'Arak Coup), Chadie and her friends were moved to the Dahl'Arak home in Negeémiliel. Possibly to help keep them from causing any potential trouble, or most likely to reduce the strain on the household from maintaining too many persons inside.

The results of a ruling from a tribunal apparently resulted in the formal enslavement of the three.

Current StatusEdit

Despite the intention of Xuunera Lo'Kee that the three be kept together, the three were broken up. In early 2429 a.a.H., Maylara Maltree made arrangements with the owner of the three--Laeh'le Dahl'Arak--for the Negeémi Drow House Char'Isstra to take custody of her friends Chadie and Musshy. The idea was that Chadie Maltree would return to Animadelia with Maylara, and Musshil Kesalf would return to her family, the ownership and taxes paid of these two slaves would rest with the Char'Isstra family for the time being.

The two drow cannot be freed as Negeémi slave law requires that young adult drow must remain enslaved until reaching the age of 120 years old. An age that elves informally think of as 'true adulthood' perhaps?

In recompense, Maylara traded her trained slave Larylene and perhaps some money for the three drow. 

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