Jamalia, officially the GOFFY Republic of Jamalia is a modern Aiers island country situated in the Skable Sea. The island lies to the south of Tonel and east of San Pabla.

Created by The Cataclysm as the rest of the Islands of the Skable Sea, it was previouslt inhabited by elves before the island came under Lataverican human rule. It became house for several small Lataverican kingdoms until when the JPM conquered the island. Under JPMnian rule, it become a leading sugar exporter in a plantation economy. It remained a JPM colonial possession until the Juanpableiro-Degoland war of the 3189 a.a.H.

Princestone is the country's capital and largest city. Jamailians are mostly Lataverican humans, with Aelian, Zarhuycan, Ushaverican and Hieyoker human minorities, and as well a non-human minority, largelly elvish.

It was a Kingdom, until it was seized by Gofondrian GOFFY guerrillas, who established a GOFFY Republic, regented by the local GOFFY party.

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