The Joaquintopian Wars (2.995- 3.014 a.a.H) were a series of major conflicts pitting the Joaquintopian Empire of Sargos led by Emperor Joaquin I Rogel-Gastronomique of Sargos against an array of Aelian powers formed into various alliances. They revolutionized Aelian armies and played out on an unprecedent scale since the Wars of the Power, mainly owing to the application of modern mass conscrpition. Initially, the Sargonic power rose quickly as the Joaquintopian armies conquered much of Aels and northern Ushaenor. However, the great Joaquintopian dominion collapsed rapidly after the costly campaigns in central Aels of the 3.010, forcing in the next two years Sargos out of mainland Aels by 3.012. The allies tried and failed an invasion of Sargos at the 3.013, but repelled a new Joaquintopian landing at the 3.014: Joaquin I was defeated, and all the Joaquintopian conquests where reversed at the Congress of Mairi, where it would be modelled a new Aelian political concert -concert that will shatter at the Anglasecuarnian Wars

Joaquin I rise to power after the sargonic Queen Nicole died without a heir, was invited to the throne a prince of one of the small principlaties in the sphere of influence of Alailë: Joaquin Rogel-Gastronomique. Crowned as Joaquin I of Sargos. As king of Sargos, he will revive the Imperial dreams of Sargos, in doing again a Holy Sargonic Empire, but without the religious elements that once where crucial to it. From his rule, it will be known this time Sargos as the Joaquintopian Empire of Sargos.

Joaquin I and his "Joaquintopia"  will wage a series of wars that will spawn in most of Aels, and as well, in Ushaenor, Hieyoks and Zarhuy. The wars will last until 3014 a.a.H, with the expulsion of the Joaquintopian empire from the Aelian mainland.

However this wouldn't be the end of the Joaquintopian Empire, that will began a colonial and Imperial race, being one of the main Aierian powers by the 3100's, and will exist until the 3200's.

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