Jorge Münzen (3190-3293 a.a.H) was a Münzen military commander, leader of the Junta of Gobernment and President for life of Münzen.

He joined the armed forces the 3207 a.a.H as a conscript, quickly becoming an officer despise never having done an officr course or having gone to the academy of war. At 32011, during the Münzen-Sueccian war he fought in the Battle of Dlod, gaining a new promotion in his career.

He participated in the 3222 a.a.H Limpic games of La Cairo, winning a golden medal for Münzen in athletism.

He was designed the 3227 a.a.H as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of Münzen by President Mark Vadders, but in 3230 a.a.H he realized a coup d'etat with the support of the army, establishing a military Junta, which was quickly remplazed by an autocratic dicatorial rule of the permanent president Jorge Münzen.

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