The K'Hiff Isles was a group of islands off the north-eastern coast of continental Aels that consist of two main islands and over seven hundred smaller isles. It controlled the straits between Tok and the sea of Hieyokscream.

The climate was temperate marine, with mild winters and warm summers. The Tok Drift brought significant moisture and raised temperatures above the global average for the latitude. 

This led to a landscape which was dominated by temperate rainforest, although activity of the peoples of Aiers had cleared vast extensions of the forest cover before The Cataclysm

It was inhabited by the K'Nir and explored by the Vanolosé, who set some coastal settlements.

The K'Hiff isles will be the base of the K'Hiff Kingdom of the K'nir.

The K'Nir Kingdom of K'Hiff Edit

Little was expected from the K'Nir dog people

While in prehistoric times the packs of dog-people had been one of the earliest challenges to elven tribes in northern Aels and Hieyoks, as technology was developed by other peoples, K'Nir dog people remained using their primitive stone and wooden tools and weapons, living in hunting packs, engaging little in trade -or any other ways- with other peoples of Aiers -often understanding the world as themselves -the pack- against everybody else: hunters and preys.-

The simple society of K'nir -and their reluctance to change or adapt to the technological advances- made the High Elves -during their imperialist expansion in the Late Elf Age- to classify them simply as bipedal animals, only with little intelligence enough to use and produce simple tools: and as such, they where hunted by elves.

The sucessive conquerors that came afterward -clashing with the High Elves- such as Galaw High Orcs, Kanovs and Humans, neither gave more thought or consideration to them that the one given by the elves: slowly but surely, the K'Nir population declined and was reduced to pockets of population, such as the K'Hiff archipelago.

While it's said demons inspired themselves in part of the K'Nir to create the werewolves and in the first Dark Legion they had a place to the Dog-people, they afterwards pretty much forgotten and left to their own devices. 

The history of the K'Nir of the K'Hiff islands will change with the arrival of the Vanolosé orc explorers.

The K'Hiff islands, while where poor in agricultural terms and had an hostile climate, where on the path between the Hieyokscream and the Tok sea -and in the trading routes that the Vanolosé hoped to establish-. A place too good and strategic to set ports, the Vanolosé orcs founded their settlements -soon finding hostility of the dog people packs.-

Not interested in the costs of an invasion, the Vanolosé instead used their experience with harpies and other primitive beast peoples they had used in the southern Tok, and won local leaders with trinkets, symbols of status, becoming the sole providers of such. While not an automatic success, soon many of the most important packs where under the influence of the Vanolosé traders -and ready to wage war to the packs that weren't, now buying steel weapons to the brown orcs-.

Very quickly the K'Nir under Vanolosé influence changed, becoming for the first time sedentary. The Vanolosé will teach them as well to become shepherds -needing their coastal ports and ships fresh meat- and later was discovered copper mines in the isles.

K'Nir, hunters and excellent trackers became part of the entourages of mercenaries that went along with the expeditions of the brown orcs.

While much had changed to the dog people of K'Hiff thanks to the brown orcs, a fundamental change will come when Karentian Christian preachers reacher the island: actually stranded there due some taxation problems with the Vanolosé -who charged religious preachers in their territories to extend their religions, be humans, orcs, elves or demons- they will begin the conversion of the Dog-men packs to christianity.

This will divide the K'Hiff tribes in two opposing sides: the christian Huneeus-Hund Pack -named Huneeus after the Sargonic dinasty, as they where converted by Sargonic preachers- and the traditionalists -who really in their own had incorporated some of the christian religious beliefs into a new religion that worshipped supposed common ancestor and god, that they called Our Father: these packs where called by the Vanolosé -mockingly according by the human christian chronists, for the use of liturgic dumian in their name- as the Paternoster Packs.

Victory will be on hands of the Huneeus-Hund Pack, and the self-proclaimed Dog King -who had sworn in a cross as vassal, as nominal it may be, of the Archbishop of Karentia- decided that his packs of K'Nir needed a common goal to unite them behind his banners and to leave their now too-narrow isles -thanks to the demographic growth due the adoption of agriculture and livestock-, beginning an attempt to settle in Stapäria, as a christian spearhead between the realms of the Dark Legions of the Demons.

While they would enter in conflict with the Nutks, who will turn to be the fiercest enemy of the K'Nir of the Huneeus-Hund would be the Loranor Kingdom -which later became the Loranor Empire-, who was seeking to reach the shores of the sea: it will begin a long and bitter conflict between the cat and dog people -with the Loranor Empire occupying Stapäria and invading the K'Hiff islands.-

When the Holy Sargonic Empire was proclaimed, K'Hiff, vassal state of the Archbishop of Karentia, became officaly an imperial province -and despite being on the other side of Aels, using the Vanolosé southern trade routes, there would be a limited exchange between humans and K'nir, being formed under the Karentian banners a unit of K'Nir mercenaries warriors, the K'Hiff Guard -often nicknamed as the Dogs of the Church-, some of the most fanatical and loyal warriors of the Archbishop.

The K'Nir were able not only to finally expel the Loranor invaders of their archipelago, but as well from Stapäria and went as far as into Thol'Iznea, the capitol of the Loranor Empire: the sack of Thol'Iznea will mark the end of the Loranor empire, which reshaped the geopolitical balance of eastern Aels:

The Huneeus-Hund, deeply involved in the Sargonic Religious Wars, will be severely weakened by them, leaving them exposed against the Dark Legion in the Third War of the Power.

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