K nir skirmisher of k hiff by shabazik-d5voc7p

A K'Nir Skirmisher bitch from the Archipielago of K'Hiff, from the Huneeus-hund pack

K ' N I R, Homo Canis Lupus

Race: K'nir

Class: Cannes

Species: Beast People

Other names: Dogmen, Dogpeople, Dogs, Perros, Kanir, Kannis, Kannid, Doggos, Doggor, Barks, Barker.

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis

The K'Nir are a race of the beast-people, that lived in Aels, Zarhuy, Ushaenor and Hieyoks, but later in historical ages where reduced their habitat to Aels, Zarhuy and the shores of Tok.


The K'nir were a creature with the head of a dog on the body of a man or, seen as "part man, part dog". Or perhaps a dog that can successfully walk in a bipedal fashion and use its front legs as hands and arms much as a human would. They generally had dark skin, with bristly fur of browns, whites, and greys. Often they had a various patterns in their fur and a 'piebald' facial pattern as well.

The K'nir are the dog people, one of the several kinds of the beast people. They aren't related to werewolves. However, to many it's easy to confuse both races, but they have some key differences -and to not offend the werewolf or the K'nir, often enemies, it's better to know the difference.

First of all, K'Nir aren't demons -and as such, they can't control maná, and magic-. As well, they lack the werewolf capability of shape-shifting. To tell apart a werewolf in were-form from a K'Nir, the main different characteristic is that the K'nir doesn't have tail.



They seem to be originally from the Archipelago of K'hiff and the sea of Tok, and that from there they extended to other areas, as during the prehistory, Aiers was dominated by the different types of Beast-men.

However, the K'nir, along with the other beast-men, clashed with the elves, who routed them out of the better lands in the Neolithic and historic times.

While the elves, dwarves and Draak Harg developed civilizations and built empires, the K'Nir and many beast-men remained for centuries in the stone age.

Changing CultureEdit

They were mostly nomadic and carnivore hunters, organized in packs, but later during the Dark Age of Demons, and the Middle Human Age of Hegemony, due to contacts with the Vanolosé orcs traders, and as well humans, many K'Nir packs will be "domesticated", acquiring many customs and fashions of humans and orcs, as the syncretic adoption of Christianity in the Huneeus-hund pack, for example.

From these packs, more advanced in their material culture and political organization, will be founded the K'nir Kingdom of K'Hiff, resulting in the K'Nir wars in the archipelago, between the Huneeus-hund and the Paternoster Packs, ending the wars with the dominion of the Huneeus-Hund pack, led by their Pachas -Pacha was the title to the female chieftains of the K'Nir of K'hiff- being founded the kingdom at the 2.431 a.a.H (after the apparition of Humanity).

Later HistoryEdit

Soon after that, the newly created cannid state will enter in war against the invading new Feline state, the Loranor Empire, at the 2.446 a.a.H, being fought a series of wars in the northeast of Aels between the Loranor and K'Nir for about a century, finishing only with the destruction and sacking of Thol-Iznea, capitol of the Loranor Empire, by the K'nir, at the 2.550 a.a.h.

After that, the K'Nir will be the first beast-men to make a permanent alliance with humans, as they converted to the Sargonic Christianism, entering into the Holy Sargonic Empire, providing loyal forces to the northwestern human emperor -the dogs of the emperor-.

But soon, the reign of Emperor Camilo VIII the Apostate (2.585-2.620 a.a.H)--who killed the pope to reform the church, and elected an anti-pope, beginning a series of religious wars, tested the loyalty of the K'nir, who despite their religion, stayed loyal to the apostate emperor of the Empire.

After the heresy of Camilo VIII, and the fragmentation of the Holy Sargonic Empire, the K'nir of K'Hiff joined the Empire of the Ne'Sargonic Camiloe Jesué I.

Along with the Ne'Sargonic Empire, they will fight the Dark Legion of Demons in the Third War of the Power (2633-2.675 a.a.H), where for their loyalty and efforts, were nicknamed "the best friend of men". But some pointed out this was really a joke among humans, as they called in such way the dogs already.