The K'Nir wars was the name given to a series of wars fought among the K'Nir dog people tribes of the K'Hiff between the 2.431 to the 2.446 a.a.H.

In these tribal wars, battled for hegemony in the archipelago the Huneeus-Hund Pack against the Paternoster Pack.

The conflict originated in the conversion to Christianity of the eastern tribes, forming the Paternoster Pack around the decade of 2410 a.a.H, which clashed with the traditionalism of other tribes.

Under influence of competing trading guilds of the Principality of Rudloffur, who sought to exploit the K'Hiff archipelago to their own needs, the K'Nir tribes fought a large tribal war that sent the whole archipelago into turmoil.

As a result of the war, numerous K'Nir of the Huneeus-Hund Pack emigrated as refugees to Stapäria, from where they supported their factions in the Isles. As well, the Vanolosé presence and control of the trade in the isles expanded.

The K'Nir wars only ended when the islands were invaded by the Loranor Kingdom, being a catalyst for the K'Nir to put aside their differences, as the Huneeus-Hund Packs converted as well to Christianity, forming an unified K'Nir Kingdom of the K'Hiff, to fight against the Loranor invasion.

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