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A couple of Montangard Kanovs, also called Montanos or Montañeses. These are Western Kanovs

The Kanov people are a tough, sturdy people who were at the forefront of the explorers, invaders and migrants of the Age of Invasions following the Apparition of Humanity. As they struggled to make the world of Aiers their own, they would often be at odds with their fellow humans in competition for similar niches. They were often a warlike people, able and willing to face severe competition and unspeakable horrors with equanimity. The human domination of Aiers would have been more difficult without them.

KANOV is how they denominated themselves, as the other humans often referred to them with derogatory terms, like "chascones".

For long time, humans rejected to be thought of as similar to the Kanovs, and said that they were at most, cousins, but the truth is that the Kanov was a human race originally of the old continent of Zarhuy.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kanovs by Shabazik

Examples of Kanov Faces and Heads

Body BuildEdit

Typically, a Kanov is bulky and of a heavier bone structure than other humans; this makes the average Kanov physically stronger and tougher than the average human. Kanovs are of a stockier build with slightly shorter limb proportions than most humans and therefore generally are not very tall, with an average male height of about 165cm, (though some Kanov races like the Titanizkos were as much as 2,5 meter high, but they were the exception, not the rule).

Hair, Eye, and Skin ColorEdit

The Kanov people are of grey, brown or black skin, brown or black hair, black, brown, red or golden eyes, and have more facial and body hair than the other human races. They tend to have projecting faces with big, strong, features.

Body HairEdit

Kanovs are known for being very hairy. Some kanovs are hairier than others, Sometimes not having much more hair than a typical human, sometimes they are very hairy indeed with enormous beards and thick body hair with patches almost like fur. Some mountain kanov reputedly had hair so thick as to be akin to fur coats, so thick that in one story it needed to be shaved in order to descend to lower elevations to fight in the heat!


Not surprisingly, like other humans, their physical appearance varies considerably in body hair, body size and color. Many of their communities have mixed with other humans and may have appearances more typical of other humans. In that way, sometimes "Kanov" becomes as much of a cultural designation as an ethnic one.


The kanov people appeared on Aiers along with the rest of humanity in the Apparition of Humanity events of the 1rst Century a.a.H., or not many generations thereafter. They would appear as a people during the Age of Invasions, and would frequently be the first to explore new regions of Aiers decades before other Humans would appear. Unquestionably, their origins are closely connected to humanity, but why they have their own ethnicity different from the other humans is unknown.

Potential TheoriesEdit

Many theories exist, but only have the certainty of conjecture:

  • It is possible that they were a second human race that arrived from space separately to Aiers than the other humans in the 1rst Century a.a.H. and warred with humans of "Eden"?
  • Conversely, it is also just as possible that the kanov people were bioengineered specifically to be the workers and forerunners of humans in building the first Aiers human city of Eden.
  • The Kanov people might have their origins intermingled with the Stiel Duergar or otherwise be the product of interbreeding with Dwarfs?

Many other potential possibilities might exist.

Antipathy between the two types of humansEdit

The Kanovs were often viewed as the worst enemies of the humankind, labeled as bloody and cruel barbarians, warmongers and warlike, who even allied with the demons during the Great War of the Power:

A human legend claimed, that the evil men, the corrupted, the sinful, and the heretic, were the ones who became the first kanovs, and that their sins originated such a perfidious race...

But clearly with these sorts of legends, there was much rivalry between humans and Kanovs, the two most competitive races of Aiers, especially when about conquering lands for their peoples from other races.

In general, the Kanovs were warlike people, and some human chroniclers commented that they just can't stand the boredom of peace, but the truth is that the same was written by the kanovs about the humans.

Categories and Nations of KanovEdit

Numerous people, comprised of several tribes, nations and ethnic groups, it's difficult to speak of the Kanov as a whole.


Originally, their religions were animistic, evolving to a complex polytheism, before they began to convert to other religions, as the Islam, Christianity, Judaism of humans and the Cult of the Darkness of the Demons. (a single exception of an original monotheist Kanov religion would be the Vakkism, the "Cult of the Cow". See Vakkusta Empire)

Four Main Types of KanovEdit

The Kanovs were divided into four larger ethnic groups:

  • Western Aels Kanovs
  • Eastern Aels Kanov
  • Nortic Kanov
  • Carutes.

Brief History and Various Kanov CulturesEdit

The Kanov settling in the continent of Aels began the 330 of the AGE OF INVASIONS, 80 years before the humans, and in their migrations, they found the opposition of the weakened High Elven kingdoms, exhausted after long wars for the domination of Aels: The High Elves never got to enjoy the peace so much blood cost them, as their kingdoms fell under the scramasax and axes of the Kanov.

Western Kanov CulturesEdit

The Kanovs of the West, or of the western shores of Aels, lived in Polforia, Sargos, Barlans, Gorbegea, Lug and Hanovian.

Traditionally, their society was politically organized in this way: A council of elders and free warriors chosen freely a Gran Kanov among them, to direct their migrating nations to find the grass for their cattle.

With the passage of time, the Gran Kanovs derived into elected and violent dual kings: supposedly a king of peace and a king of war, in the Horde of Barlans. Technically, both kings fought anyone who crossed them, and when there were no enemies, they fought each other.

Gran Kanov, Elders (who often where priests, but there weren't much organized religions among the kanov before the conversion to non-kanov religions. Only the Vakkismo, the Cult of the Cow, had a clergy), free warriors and women were the directors of the western kanov society in Aels. After them, were ones who didn't fight, and so, had no voice, like the servants and slaves.

The freedom of a Kanov was in his weapons, and a man who didn't fight wasn't free, being their freedom one of their more important values (as well main cause of the constant anarchy in the western kanov tribes), accepting the law only from somebody they respected... or was skilled enough to make the law be respected, by the sword.

Being freedom the highest value, the more despised were the cowards... and anybody who didn't fight, like the serfs and slaves, were taken as ones.

The military organization of the kanovs was simple: the free warriors chose if they trusted a leader, and followed him forming a band.

A rich leader could pay them, but normally they received as payment part of the loot.

The same repeated, from small local war-chiefs, to nobles. Princes, Gran Kanovs and the Kings, being possible for a Kanov army to organize very quickly, but in the same time disband like the mist.

In general, the western Kanovs didn't like cities or towns, but aside from the Yermenios and the Barlans, they settled down, living in dispersed farms.

Gentlemen place your bets by Shabazik

Army Camp of Kanovs from Rumnelia

The principal dedication of the Kanovs in peace was their cattle: cows and sheep, and in lesser degree, pigs.

The Kanov mounted horses, but they preferred as warmounts the Kazaak, a race of bipedal, wingless small dragons, and some tribes of Bierteno and Nubla, the wargs like the orcs and hobgoblins.



Kanov nations of Polforia, destroyed and/or conquered by the Dark Legion of Demons

  • NURANDIA of the Nuriandos, in Dol-Nur, Polforia
  • POLFORIA of the Porfíros, in the swamps of Polforia
  • RUMNELIA of the Rumnelios, in Polforia
  • KORDIA of the Kordor, in Ded, Polforia
  • KONOLARDEA of the Konolardos, in Entartea, Polforia
  • MONTAÑESES from Sargos
Kanov warriors Gorbegeos by shabazik-d2od2m6

Gorbogeas Kanov Soldiers

Kingdoms of the Seas: The western Kanov kingdoms normally dedicated more to the trade (and piracy) and were seafaring people, and their kingdoms came to have a more complex organization, until the final rise of the Kingdom of Gorbegea, shaped politically after northwestern Aelian human kingdoms. They ended mixing with humans, and converted to Christianity

  • HANOVIAN of the Barcan, in Hanovian
  • NEPPER of the Nepperianos
  • GORBEGEA of the Gorbegeos
  • LUG of the Luganos

Nations of the Steppes: with the exception of the refined and urbanized Vakkusta Empire in the lake of Andas and the rude farmers that were the Riberos, the nations of the steppes were errant nomads and fearsome hordes who wandered central Aels. The Vakkism of the Vakkusta was an original Kanov religion, but based in an heresy of the Christianity, as well elements of the Judaism, Kanov polytheism, high elven religions, the dark religion of the demons, among others. In the end, conquered by the Gorbegeos of the Cargassí, they converted either to Christianity or the Islam.


Kanovs de Kanovait (Eastern) by Shabazik

Eastern Kanov soldiers of the Kanovait People

Meanwhile, while the western kanovs mostly fought against the demons, falling all the kingdoms of Polforia in the hands of the Dark Legion, the Eastern kanovs made pacts more with them, and many followed the new dark religion of the Demons, joining the Dark Legion.

After the first war of the power, and under the Cargassí caliphate influence, many of the ones in the south convert to the Islam.

  • KANOVAIT of the Kanovekhos
  • TITANIZK of the Titanizkios
  • HALOGENURIA of the Halogenúr
  • AL-KARN of the Ipertian
  • CANZUL of the Ipertian
  • IPERTO of the Ipertian
  • MERCANIA of the Mercanos
  • ENKELT of the Jormünz
  • FORESTS OF NUBLA the Nublenses


The Caliphate of Blazakhov, of the Cargassí, was one of the first kanov nations to turn to a human religion, the Islam. after that, in their expansion, they brought along with the trade and influence their religion, which they extended to other Carutes.

  • CALIPHATE OF Blazakhov of the Cargassi
  • BAZIKSTAN of the Baziks
  • I'M SALAH of the Im'Salanos
  • HAMIONS of the Hamios
  • UMENS of the Umenios
  • CARUZIMB of the Carutes
  • GRONKAV of the Tumvaros
  • DANUBAE of the Dannu


The Kanovs of the continent of Hieyoks, also called the Norr Kanov, they migrated to Hieyoks from Aels the 390 a.a.H. of the Age of Invasions.

In the north, they faced the power of the Ice Giants and their vassals, before the arrival of humans (and other Kanov groups, as the Carutes and eastern Kanov).

For much of the time, the Norr Kanov tribes, aside fighting their non-kanov (and kanov) enemies, fought against each other.

Kanov clansmen of hieyoks by shabazik-d5zck7z

A Kanov clansmen of Holkokav, one of the Tribes of the Northern Kanov Confederation of Hieyoks

However with the centuries, the human expansion of the northern, Krakavians, Torks, finolandeses, stepparic peoples and binese humans in different parts of Hieyoks into Norr influenced territory, made the Kanov tribes of the north to conform a loose confederation of Kanov tribes, which were the Kagastanos, Holkokav, Othorkanos and Sbralianos among others.

This Kanov confederation during the First War of the Power remained unaligned, but it wasn't strange to find Norr kanov mercenaries serving in the Dark Legion of Demons.

However for the Second War of the Power, with the demons trying to extend their influence, alliances and vassals into Hieyoks, making alliances with the Ice giants, orcs and ice elves, the Northern Kanov confederation was broken, and they fought each other and on different sides.

Later, with the progressive conversion to Christianity, during the Third War of the Power they will stand against the Dark Legion of demons.

Some of their nations were:

  • KAGASTAN of the Kagastanos
  • HOLKOKAV of the Cheltens
  • OTHOK of the Othorkanos
  • SBROLIK of the Sbraliaros

Kanov People of NoteEdit

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