The Free Colony of Kanyikia or KAN is a sovereign nation in the Zur star system, Devart Sector. It controlled a single planet.

History Edit

Kanyikia, while a Free Colony, originated from the colonies and settlements of corporations of the CONIN, who had been granted colonisation and extraction rights by the EUS over the Zur star system, but due the shifting alliances in the Fifty Years War at the 3398, which left the EUS and the RFB as enemies, to avoid actions by the RFB, the mega-corporations of the CONIN decided to unite their colonies into a "Free Colony" that came to be known as Kanyikia the same year.

Deeply influenced by the megacorporations that formed it, as Kasparov CIA, GENTEK, Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, CONMI and others, who sometimes did strategic alliances forming new local companies as INU-Galactic and KANYI-CORP, nevertheless it developed a strong democratic tradition and became a prosperous nation as a centre of trade, in the decade of the 3420s the Movement for the Artificial Human Rights began to gain traction, with popular demands of activists clashing with corporate lobbies.

While during the Rebellion of the Clones was avoided Kanyikia to become a major battlefield, it resulted in a deep political crisis -there was no government for some time-, along with political violence in street manifestations, terrorist attacks and assassinations, conducted both by radicals of the Front of artificial Human Liberation or FAHL and black ops death squads of corporations.

Finally, a peaceful agreement was reached that granted rights to the artificial humans, but that as well granted benefits to the Corporations, for them to continue using as base of their operations the colony.

Being a centre of action of corporations in the Zur Star System, Kanyikia became a target on the opening stages of the Devart Sector War by the anti-corporate Goeliathian Coalition. Kanyikia, who wasn't ready for the war, would spend much of their military assets in the early campaign, later taking a support role.

As result of the Devart Sector War, in which the small population of Kanyikia limited their projection of power, Kanyikia entered in an agreement with the CONIN, that greatly increased power of Kanyikia and their defensive capabilities, but in turn, granting much more power to the corporate lobbies in the government.

Demography Edit

Originally a human colony, soon after due trade relations with Larqvia, KANYI-CORP had a deal that granted them access to the DNA samples of the L'Arq Ark Ship, which will be used to clone upon demand of Larqvia an increasing number of non-humans.

From these archeological samples and isolation of genes on samples of aierian population of the Ark Ship, KANYI-CORP will began experimentally first, and later on a larger scale, cloning of non-humans, that came to be an important minority of Kanyikian population, counting among their inhabitants artificial werewolves, Loranor, K'Nir, Yak-Yak, Orcs, Dwarves and elves, among others.

Due to the decision to incorporate, recover or change the stock of some of the more important ruling families of Kanyikia -sometimes themed as "The Clans", who controlled much of the wealth, power and government- to werewolves, the "Kanyikian Werewolves" have come to be a very important minority.

The human population itself was as well very diverse and multi-ethnic -as the krakavian-based shiks of Kasparov CIA, or the Hieyoker delmens of Klein-Shine-, but had a population base from L'Arq Ark-ship stock of degolandic, Sargonic and Upperlanders- and an important number of Norodor Hieyokers.

Culture Edit

Kanyikon: Fandom Conventions Edit

While not exclusive of Kanyikia, a thriving economy and an important entertainment industry, Kanyikia will come to organise some of the largest fandom conventions in the Nebulosa of Ots, that had as its greatest expression the Kanyikon.

Creator Edit

The Creator of Kanyikia is Kanyiko in deviantArt, for the Devart Sector War

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