The Archbishopric of Karentia were the territories in northwestern Aels under the sovereign direct rule of the Archbishop of Karentia, head of the Karentian Christianity.

It became independent at the 1790 -as result of the continued conflicts that derived from the differing interpretations of the Treaty of Karentia- until it became a part of the Holy Sargonic Empire at the 2501 a.a.H.

These holdings were considered to be a manifestation of the temporal power of the Church and the Archbishop of Karentia, as opposed to his ecclesiastical primacy, and as a prince of the Five Kingdoms, the Archbishop had his own army and fought many wars against his neighbors.

The Archbishop of Karentia used an orange coat of arms with a white cross.

History Edit

Saint Joachim and the Dragon Edit

The mountains of central Aiea -name given by the elves to northwestern Aels- had for long been the nesting ground of dragons, that were said to be guarding some ancient ruins in the area that later will be known as Karentia.

The humans, in their conquest of the region killed many of the dragons, but the most powerful one.

According to the tradition, Saint Joachim -a Dumian General- fought the dragon, defeating him and founding in the place of the miracle a monastery, that would be the capital of a mythical northernmost Dumian province

It seems, Saint Joachim really was a scholar of the Librarian Empire of Dume leading an expedition to explore what were said to be ancient Human ruins, and the monastery he originally founded wasn't such, but instead a distant outpost, outside of the reach of the Empire of Dume, that had to make deals with local Weseuros human warlords and chiefs to ensure its security, made to study the ancient knowledge that the ruins held, being visited by librarians of Dume despite how distant it was.

Among the discovered knowledge will be as well some of religious nature, which in principle the Librarians published more with an antiquarian spirit rather than evangelical.

Later, this will increase the interest of Christian Dumians to visit and access these sources, and what was a travel of knowledge will progressively become a pilgrimage.

With the later question of religion of the Librarian Empire, this school will become a safe haven for Christian ideologists, and later Karentia will become the center of the revival of Aierian Christianity, as rediscovered to its historic roots.

The Monastic School of Karentia Edit

With the crisis of the Empire and the Apparition of Demons, this school -been known already as Karentia-, identified already with wise men, will come to be a Monastic School and an important pilgrimage destination.

Due to the troubling times, it will became progressively fortified.

Karentia and the Kingdoms of the Weseuros Edit

The Archbishopric of Karentia Edit

As Karentia become a city, ecclesiastic capital of the Karentian Christianity and the primacy of the Archbishop of Karentia in the church undisputed, the Karentian archbishops will become more and more interested in the consolidation of a Karentian ecclesiastic state, taking an active role in many wars during the era of the five warring kingdoms.