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Kasparov CIA logo, using the Ozeancik Solar Wheel.

Kasparov CIA
(NYSE: KASPAR) is a spotzenic multinational corporation dedicated to biotecnology, clonation, creation of ecosystems, terraformation and planetary exploitation funded at the 3321 a.a.H in Ozeancik, Aiers, Its common stock is component of the Industrial Consortium and the company is listed among the Fortune SOO

The Artificial humans produced by Kasparov CIA are called Shiks.

They have a paramilitary security branch, the Kasparov Security Forces.


Kasparov CIA was founded at the 3321 a.a.H in Ozeancik, as laboratories dedicated to biogenetical enginering, genetical studies and clonation, as part of the Ozeancik interests in space travel and colonization of new worlds.

Originally, Kasparov CIA role wasn't of clonation of humans -which was banned to do in Aiers, according to international treaties-, but of the clonation of flora and fauna -such as bacteria, virus, plants, animals and so on- to elaborate ecosystems in newly terraformed planets.

In such role, they take a part in the creation of the ecosystems for Goffyworld in the Aiers Star System at the 3326 a.a.H, venture which will finally fail due the Ur Dur rebellion of Goffyworld. After this, the company will have a quite difficult time, reason why they accepted in the year 3335 a.a.H part of the Ozeancik Ots Expedition, a desperate attemp made by Ozeancik to break the Blockade of Aiers by Stornkold -and in face of the destruction caused by the raging Fifth World War, and use the Data Zone to reach the Nebulosa of Ots.

However, after the Ozeacink Fleet Expedition departed, all comunications with Ozeancik -and Aiers- where lost, and the coordinates of the Data Zone to the Aiers star system didn't worked anymore.

Because of this, followed five years of space wandering, as the fleet recogniced the space and planets where they savaged supplies to keep forward, to the designed reunion point with any other possible ozeancik survivors, in the world of Ots, in the core of the Nebulosa.

When at the 3341 a.a.H, the Ozeancik Fleet Expedition made their way into Ots, where they settled down and created a colony.

During this period, 3341-3346, Kasparov CIA will be very busy producing artificial humans for the colonial government -which will eventually become the United States of Spotzen.

At year 3347, as Spotzen decided to expand their presence in the Ots Star System, as a first step of a rather ambitious proyect of space expansion, they decided to begin these colonial ventures with private capital, as the statal treasury was rather empty due the Confederation-Triple Alliance war.

Kasparov CIA was one of the companies to win such contracts, and as well, to have the autorization to produce and sell to companies artificial humans, for the settlement of new worlds.

And so, Kasparov CIA developed the Shiks.

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