Monthy Python - Keeprs of the Sacred Words

Keepers of the Sacred words

Deep in the forest of the northwest of Aels, there is a band of Knights, feared as they are the keepers of the Sacred Words they are assigned to protect: Words of power, infamous for that they can bring horror and fear... Ni, Peng and Neee-Wom.

The Keepers of the Sacred WordsEdit

The Knights are led by a man who is approximately 12 feet tall with disproportionately short arms and reindeer antlers inserted into his helmet. The other Knights are of normal human proportions and act as a chorus, only repeating words and phrases that the head Knight has spoken.

"Ni!" is only the most notable of the sacred words which they are assigned to protect, the others being "Peng" and "Neee-wom." All of these words are infamous for the palpable horror and fear (and suggested pain) they bring about, whether delivered by the knights or not.