The Kingdom of Keuta was a Ushaverican human kingdom, that lasted from 1770 a.a.H until it's incorporation to the Holy Sargonic Empire at the 2521 a.a.H.

Created in the aftermath of the collapse of the Tribal Federation of Murica atit was organized by the High elves to have an interlocutor for the vassal humans to the Empire of Whide Axis along with Momb.

For long, the Tribal kingdom, vassal of the empire stagnated: limited in territory and resources, the population stagnated if not dropped, and often within the weak human realm there where tribal wars between the tribes of Keuta: only the High Elves actions will result in the continuation of the kingdom -but they played as well an important role in the stagnation of the realm, using complots and dividing the Ushaverican tribes-

This situation continued until the First War of the Power: as result of the war -and the dissaparition of the Emperor of the Elves Altarin-, the ushaverican humans will enter in contact with the northwestern humans, as the High Elven - Aelian human alliance and commercial exchanges continued after the war:

with the Empty Throne, the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis continued it's fragmentation, and divided, they couldn't face the problems with the Aelian human refugees that had settled down in Ushaenor, and the attempts to control or ban the Ushaverican and Aelian humans trade failed: the High Elven control over Keuta was fadding.

As a late attempt to avoid this, in the end of the XXIV century and early XXV century the High Elves of the Kingdom of Huen -member state of the Whide Axis- tried to forcefully regain this predominance with a military occupation of Momb, Keuta and other tribal lands of Ushavericans, exercising a harsh repression: however by then, the Empire of Whide Axis was but a shadow of its former glory, as without an emperor any image of unity among the High Elven states was lost.

And because of that, the High Elves were unnable to avoid Sargonic settlers from landing in the bay of Seehol, and found at the 2420 a.a.H the Kingdom of Ne'Sargos under King Don Camilo II The Magnificent of Sargos.

With the foundation of Ne'Sargos at the 2420 a.a.H, the high elves where completely losing their grip over Keuta and Momb.

While Ne'Sargos was formally accepted as a vassal state of the Whide Axis, the power was shifting:  No High elven state was able to contest the presence of the Sargonic settlers in Ushaenor when they landed: and as Ne'Sargos grew in force, there was no High elven state who could face them, when the Ne'Sargonic requested -backed by their armies- on the empty imperial halls of the Whide Axis to have transferred the Ushaverican human kingdoms of Keuta and Momb under their own tutelage.

Since that moment, the history of the Ushavericans will be linked with the Ne'Sargonic: while under their rule ended the seemingly endless tribal and petty wars, and with the armies of Ne'Sargos backing them they finally had open the large hinterlands from where they once were banned, it came as well with a cost; because the Ushavericans weren't free, but changed of masters: masters who saw as heretic their syncretic Christian religion, converting many of them to the Northwestern Christian faith.

At the 2521 a.a.H, the tutelage of Ne'Sargos over Keuta will become the annexion of the realm into the Holy Sargonic Empire: however it won't mean peace, as Keuta will become a battlefield between the Ne'Sargonic humans and the Kanov settlers of Chegarb in the decades of the 2540-2550.

It was named after the region of Keuta, where was located this realm.

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