Khar-Bad was a demonic city in the dark realm of Dol-Nur, on the western slopes of the homonym mountain. By the beginning of the Second War of the Powerhad a population of some 20,000 to 40,000 inhabitants: among them, where 23 Bazrrod demon lords: 13 of them formed the city council. 

Khar-Bad was founded during the Middle Human Ageafter the Demonic Brotherhood of Tempo-Katzooine had finally left secrecy to fight openly the human and elven Polforian states of the Outregam. The demons, having taken control of the western slopes of the mount Dol'Nur, who built fortifications to hold their gains against the amazonian tribes and the Privans first -and the Order of Nortender, later-.

To build these castles and work the fields, the demons herded down from the hills their goblins and green orcs servants, and naturally villages and towns emerged around these forts. 

As the Witch King of Dol-Nur extended his reach to the western slopes of Dol'Nur, these cities and minor demons where quick to bow to the one of the most powerful Remnants of the Dark LegionTo ensure the loyalty and productivity of the region, the witch king send droves of slaves and Ozcura Grey Orcs

By the end of the 'Middle Human Age and the return of the Great Demon Lords, at the beginning of the Second Dark Age and the Second War of the Power, Khar-Bad, while a not a small city, it wasn't neither among the larger or more important on the western slopes of the Dol-Nur.

Inhabited by a very diverse population, which could serve as an example of the diversity of the reunified Dark legion of the northwest of Polforia, had a slight majority of ozcuras grey orcs, with sizeable minorities of polforian green orcs, goblins, Kanov and Human, and smaller minorities of Galaw high orcs, ogres, blood and dark elves, beast-peoples, Draak Harg and of course demons.

While a demonic city of the Dark Legion, inhabited largely by their servants, the architecture lacked impressive features of demonic architecture -aside of a couple of relatively small temples and palaces of the demon lords-, with polforian kanov and human architecture being predominant, that was replicated by the grey orcs: however, following the traditions of goblins and green orcs, not only the city was built, but as well was partially dug against the hills.

The city expanded over several hills, and was mostly surrounded by earthen ramparts and palisades, with some brick and mud walls, specially facing to the north, to the lowlands.

One of the most vivid and profitable markets of Khar-Bad was the Slave Market.

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