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Khariel Baener, the dreaded High Sorceress of the Temple of Doom

Khariel Baener -- Negeémiliel 2166 ? - 2424 a.a.H.

Khariel Baener, a Negeémi drow, was a long serving High Sorceress of the Temple of Doom. A stalwart of the Negeémi Senatorial Party, she was assassinated by the Cult of the Flower in recompense for harsh actions on her part against that cult. In all probability, her assassination was part of a power grab by the Negeémi Populist Party.


  • Impressive appearance
  • Cruel and impatient temperament
  • An egotist
  • Very skilled magic user
  • Trained by demons
  • Willing to act outside the rule of law
  • Used Terrorist methods
  • Sacrifices people on an alter
  • A dominant sadist
  • Fond of Piercings


Very little is known of the career of High Sorceress Khariel Baener. Nothing is known of her House, although it might be assumed that it was of high standing. Also, as Khariel became a "sorceress" her family origins might have been of the Erehel drow ethnicity? Here is what is known or can be speculated on:

The AcademyEdit

As an Initiated, Khariel Baener was known even as a child to have a powerful and domineering personality. She would be one of the 'queen bees' that the Negeémi Academy would produce that formed cliques of the initiated young girls around.

Relationship with Danieh'le Dahl'ArakEdit

Even the formidable Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, of the equally formidable House Dahl'Arak, would develop a subservient personal friendship to her in the Academy. These dominant and subordinate roles would evolve into a powerful political partnership that would continue until Khariel Baener's death.

A Sorceress going to WarEdit

Khariel Baener graduated the Academy with honors and merits. Shortly after graduation in 2202 a.a.H., she was sent to serve in the Dark Legion of Demons, where she would learn new magical techniques. She served in their Uslen campaign as part of their magical corps during the First War of the Power (2203 - 2223 a.a.H.).

First War of the PowerEdit

Nothing else is known of her actions in the First War of the Power, but it might be assumed that she did quite well as she would end up highly placed politically not too far later. The Negeémi Populist Party of this time ruled the drow city state and as part of an ambitious and expansionist policy, had allied itself with the Dark Legion of Demons. With the defeat of the Dark Legion at the end of the war, the Populist Party would fall from power. The defeat of the Dark Legion was seen as their own loss, even though many successes and small surface land conquests were realized by the Negeémi state and the city was never really taken to task by the victorious allies for their part.

High SorceressEdit

Very little is known of Khariel's career afterward for a long stretch. It might be surmised that the rise of the rival Negeémi Senatorial Party aided Khariel's quick rise. Acolytes tend to follow the same politics of their house, so Khariel's political leanings coincided with the new regime. Khariel might be expected to have learned new magical spells and techniques as well, which aided her rise.

Khariel Baener would seem to have become the High Sorceress of the Temple of Doom around the year 2365 a.a.H. This is based on her presiding over a sacrifice with the young Initiated Xuunera Lo'Kee As the High Sorceress of the Temple of Doom holds a seat on the Negeémi High Council, it would seem that at the age 200 years old, Khariel had achieved the rank of Leg of the Spider in the government of the city state.

Career Matron to Danieh'le Dahl'ArakEdit

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak would be seen still closely associated with Khariel at this time, despite their differing occupations. Danieh'le would serve in the temple apparently in the role of a lay priestess attendant given her appearance near the alter? The text would make it clear that Danieh'le was no stranger in the temple at this time.

Speculation: It is likely that Danieh'le might have been the Captain of the Guard to the Temple of Doom at this time? Most likely the personal selection of Khariel?

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak would rise in rank in the coming sixty years, and would achieve the rank of general. She, too, would ascend to the Negeémi High Council with her lifelong friend and ally Khariel Baener having paved the way?

The White HermitEdit

The high elf named Belád Bonceduil, also known as the White Hermit, had entered into the subterranean world of Kazrrad in search of his lost daughter which became a mission of vengeance. He would be captured by Danieh'le Dahl'Arak and she and Khariel would make it their project for their amusement to torture and torment him for several months. Danieh'le raping him repeatedly until she became pregnant.

The Cult of the FlowerEdit

The church worshiping the foreign drow goddess known as Jabharil of the Kalhari drow culture had come to the city of Negeémiliel. Despite her distaste, Khariel was unable to get the Negeémi Low Council to outlaw this religion, even though the Cult of the Flower was becoming deliberately demanding and demonstrative. When a new Jabharil temple was opened in a traditional neighborhood near the Temple of Doom, Khariel was incensed, and took matters into her own hands. She ordered the deaths of the inhabitants of the temple, assigning Ivoyn Cheylrra to lead the mission.

It is not quite clear whether Khariel intended for all the inhabitants to be killed or just the defending Jabharil sentries. Ivoyn Cheylrra interpreted their orders as only killing the defenders of the Jabharil temple, which they then burned. They had inadvertently let slip that High Sorceress Khariel was the one behind this attack (see Drow Trio).


The Jabharil High Priestess Ma'Az decided to respond to this attack with deadly force. She contracted with the loranor assassin known as Jamal. Jamal invaded the Temple of Doom and fought most of the Acolytes on duty at the time, usually with nonlethal force. Jamal found his way into the personal apartments of Khariel and strangled her to death.

Political ConsequencesEdit

As the Negeémi Populist Party was protecting and otherwise supporting the Cult of the Flower from behind the scenes, it is entirely probable that they were behind the assassination of the Senatorial Khariel Baener. The vacancy created by her death would allow the Populist sorceress, Selene Paen'Dhirra to be appointed to the position by the Low Council. This would increase the populist seats in the High Council to three out of nine seats. It would also eliminate one of the most vocal adversaries to the Populist Party and the Cult of the Flower.

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