Khogah son of rocco by shabazik-dcf82sf

Khogah White Fang as a Young Warrior

Khogah White Fang (Howling Keep, circa 2434 a.a.H - ?) is a Werewolf warrior of the White Fang, and was the only son of Rocco White Fang (2408-2440), a former opponent of Pumori of the White Fang.

Orphaned after the death of his father, Khogah was adopted by Pumori of the White Fang and her mate Claw Silver Moon, becoming the adoptive older brother of Puri White Fang.

In later life, Khogah became a Werewolf captain of the White Fang, leading a band of skirmishers.


Khogah was born during the early spring of 2434 A.a.H. as the firstborn and - as things turned out - only son of Rocco White Fang and his mate Bree White Fang. Khogah's birth was a difficult one, and Bree passed away soon after the birth of her cub. The loss of his mate left Rocco distraught and angry, an anger he would often direct at Khogah, as if he personally blamed him for Bree's death.

Speculation: Werewolves typically give birth to small litters of cubs. It might be that Khogah was the only cub who survived, or else that he has sisters as surviving litter-mates?

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