Delmen of klein shine by shabazik-d5f125a

An example of a "Dolmen" or "Doll", the clones produced by Klein Shine. They differed from Shiks in that they often had computer chips in their brains that programed behavior

Klein Shine (NYSE: KS) is a nodorian multinational robotic, android, genetical laboratory and consumer packaged goods manufacturer, founded in the year 3401 d.J. Its common stock is component of the Industrial Consortium (CONIN) and the company is listed among the Fortune SOO.

Being one of the 12 main companies of the CONIN, is however one with less prestige and worse reputation, because of their active involvement in many activities illegal or penalized in many states of the Nebulosa of Ots.

The corporation's headquarters is located in New Kharazi (57.18) LCP, with the consumer division being located in Galaena (59.11), DSC. The corporation includes some 2000 subsidiary companies with operations in over 160 countries and products sold in over 210 planets of the Nebulosa of Ots.

Since their origins, as a company dedicated to robotic -especially manufacturing of robots for civilian and military purposes- soon was developed by KS in the 3410 d.J series of Androids, being the spearhead in the development of robots with human characteristics -often called descriptively "dolls".

Klein Shine shifted an important part of their investments in the entertainment industry -from the creation of computer games, movies of all genres, animation, cinema, teathers, dancing clubs, strip clubs, vacation complexes, deportive events, bars, to brothels, production and commercialization of alcohol, tobacco and drugs-:

The use of androids was many times related to the "adult entertainment industry" which created much polemic about Klein Shine, which only added in their disreputation due to the production and commercialization of drugs that were illegal within many nations that have prohibited them.

In 3410's decade, Klein Shine ventured as well in the Corporative cloning markets, entering in competition with some of the giants of cloning such as Kasparov CIA and GENTEK with their "Delmen".

With the recent actions of the industry, and their interests in the "entertainment" industry, many opposed them entering into the market, and many blame them as one of the direct causes of the "revolutions of the clones" and the wars, skirmishes and military confrontations done by the MDHA (Movement of Rights for the Artificial Humans) of the 3428-3430 a.a.H, due to their abuses and unconscionable sales to companies and particulars without any care--even worse than Kasparov CIA and GENTEK--as pointed by many.