Ogre knorl aplastahuesos by shabazik-d5yj7a0

Blue ogre Knorl Ogre from Demonach Islands

K N O R L, Hyacinto Unicornis Ogrii

Race: Knorl

Class: Ogre

Species: Goblinoid

Other names: Knorl, uniknor, Crusher, Drákontas, strashilishte, canavar

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

The Knorl are goblinoids of the Ogre family, from the Caritz sea islands.

General DescriptionEdit

Very little is known about the Knorl ogres. They are best distinctive from other ogres by the single horn in their forehead and blue skin. They would appear to have a somewhat longer limbed proportioned body relative to some other ogres.

Speculation: It might be surmised that they are smaller than many other ogres by the 'Island dwarfing effect'? Perhaps isolation and a genetic bottle-neck effect led to the unusual feature of the horn?

Speculation: Quite possibly the Knorl play a role of terrifying sailors who land or are shipwrecked on their shores?

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