The Republic of Krakavia is a country in the Karkaz region of Aels. Located at the crossroads of western Hieyoks and Eastern Aels, it is bounded to the west by the Tok Sea, to the north by Trutsia, to the south by Puro Pan and to the east the Karkaz Sea. Krakavia is a unitary presidential republic, with the government elected trhought a representative democracy. 

Before The Cataclysm, the historical region referred as Krakavia was much larger, being the lands inhabited by the Krakavians, which for long were divided in many diferent principalities before the creation of the first Krakavian Tsardom, that extended over much of modern Aelian Trutsia, Tucrania, Krakavia, Puro Pan and Jorgea. 

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