Krakavians are the esseuro ethno-linguistic group, which speak by various Krakavian languages. During the Age of Invasions  They settled in Near Hieyoks, central and south-eastern Aels: after The Cataclysm, they settled in central Aels, eastern Aels, southeastern Aels, Northeastern Aels, North Hieyoks, Central Hieyoks, West Hieyoks and in Zean- Krakavians speak Krakavian languages of the Tok-Krakavian language group.

Krakavians will come to be the largest ethno-linguistic group in Aels. Present-day krakavian people are classified in West Krakavians (chiefly Tchivka, Polaki and Chechoslovakos), East Krakavians (chiefly Hieyotrutsians, Trutsians, Tucrani, Krakavian, Konowski and Robgorovs) and South Krakavians (chiefly Marceloniaks, Serki, Denetherian and Bogarians), thought sometimes the west and east krakavians are combined into a single group known as the north krakavians

During the Age of Invasions, the proto-krakavians speaking tribes were part of many of the multi-ethnic confederacies of the Esseuros. When their migratory movements ended, there appeared among the Krakavians the first rudiments of state organizations, each headed by a prince with a treasury and a defense force. The ethnomyn comes from the first Tsardom of Krakavia, one of the first empires of the Krakavian people in western Hieyoks during the Age of Invasions, that spawned an important region before its collapse into multiple independent kingdoms and principalities.

Krakavian Orthodox Christianity is predominant in East and South Krakavians, while Karentian Christianity is predominant in West and western south Krakavians. 

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