Quag and his hands by shabazik-d7cvdtx

The Quag is Belzak a Dark Legion deserter, and Kuku (real name: Ithicu) the elven 'goblin girl'

Kuku of the Rotten Log (circa 2375 ? - ? a.a.H.) was an elf girl, who would become a goblin 'changeling', by being adopted by goblins. She would become a 'goblin' slave of the Dark Legion, and later, an agent of the Orc Queen of Antor.

Attributes Edit

  • Light Green Hair
  • Pale Skin
  • Tribal Tatoos of Viborg
  • Wily
  • Multi Lingual
  • Considers Herself a Goblin
  • Slave
  • Talented at Double-talk
  • Devoted to Belzak

History Edit

Early Edit

Orc Raid Edit

Born as Ithicu to a Western Wild Elf tribe of Viborg, her baby name of 'Kuku' she would be taken as a captive and probable later meal by Orcs in an Antorian Orc raid from Antor into Viborg where it is likely her tribal group might have been wiped out. She would be sold to dwarves who would take her into the underworld of south Kazrrad.

A Changeling Edit

Kuku would compulsively rub her binding tether against her cage to suddenly find the line frayed and snapped. She would squeeze out of her oversize cage and escape into the darkness of the underworld and was adopted by and raised as an Ur Dur Goblin. As a foundling adopted by goblins, she became one definition of a 'changeling', and became a 'goblin' as a result. She would hone her skills at obtaining food and interpersonal manipulation among the goblins as her 'siblings matured some four times faster than she did.

Dark Legion Edit

Re-enslaved Edit

Her goblin family would also be raided by Dark Legion forces as an effort to 'clean out the tunnels' and gain slave labor; hence she would be enslaved again. She would grow up in goblin slave pens overseen by other goblins and demons, including the canine-werewolf hybrids known as Quags. Kuku's time among many goblin slaves taught her multiple dialects, and she would learn much of the demons as well via observation.

Being a Quag's Hands Edit

Later she would be paired by her Demon masters with the Quag Belzak, to act as the 'hands' of the Quag. She was deliberately taught other languages as well by the demons so as to aid Belzak as an interpreter and agent. For example, she and Belzak would shadow dwarven caravans in the underworld and spy on them, and listen to what they heard. It was on one such mission that they discovered a secret dwarven portal to the surface of Antor and Belzak elected to follow them with the intention of possibly deserting from the Dark Legion, largely out of concern for his 'Hands'.

Orc Queen Edit

Re-Re-enslaved Edit

After some days of surface observations, Kuku and Belzak would be captured by mounted Antorian Orcs riding their giant wargs. Kuku was seen as an unusual escaped slave--which she was--and one who claimed to be a goblin! Confused by her double talk, her orc captors took them to their orc queen as a captured spy or escaped slave. Kuku and Belzak were playing for time to avoid getting eaten, and hoping to use Belzak's hidden intelligence to aid in an escape.

Diplomacy Edit

With Kuku's multi-lingual skills, She would both intrigue the half-orc/ half elf Orc Queen, and play a diplomatic role in the campaign of the Orc Queen Quiebrahuesos Wargh. Circa 2409 A.a.H. she would travel with the Orc Queen's 2nd husband, the hobgoblin named Trinchatripas to the 'Roof of the World' of the Kaiehm Mountain, and negotiate with the Goblin King of Kaiehm, where they as two 'goblins' reached an understanding, while her hobgoblin master made a fool of himself. Hence, the Orc Queen would gain weapons and armor, and a feint against the Kaiehm duergar (dwarves).

Current Status Edit

With a successful negotiation, Kuku has achieved an important objective for the Orc Queen. If she can obtain freedom for her and Belzak has not been established.

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