The Paternic Free Colonies (LCP or L.C.P for the acronym in the original Goffiano, commonly referred to as the Free Colonies, is a loose confederation of colonies in the Nebulosa of Ots.

A loose confederation, the Free Colonies shared little, aside of their desire to remain independent from the main powers of Ots, being originally a military defensive alliance. As the LCP government growed a bit stronger, they will have some general common laws. 


In the 3360's, humanity continued in their expansion in the Nebulosa of Ots, and in the 3370's this expansion continued further, not only lead by the great powers of Ots, but also by the megacorporations as well as private initiatives and smaller powers, exploring and settling the unknown, often to escape from the wars of the core worlds, for freedom -freedom of their own practices-, or to create utopias.

However in the 3380's, under increasing pressure over the expansionist great powers of the EUN and the Norodor Empire, several of these free unaligned colonies, in order to preserve their independence began to seek support and help from the other colonies:

And in the year 3383 a.a.H, they will form as a loose military alliance the LCP. 

Soon the allied colonies will be drawn into the wars of the great nations, and will become a safe haven for those that oppose the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes of the Empires... which will make the LCP gravitate toward the RFB, ENA and Alianza Goffyana in terms of influence, taking part in the Fifty Years War.


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