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The small kingdom of La Cruz during the Sargonic Wars

The Kingdom of La Cruz (Cruzeño: Reyno de la Zagrada Cruz), was a Middle Human Age monarchy in northwestern Aels, being one of the Five Kingdoms of the weseuros that where founded by the sucessors of Aleks I of the Weseuros after the repartition of the Weseringian Empire.

After the Treaty of Karentia, 1743 a.a.H, that divided the Weseringian Empire after 32 years of squabble betweeen the sons of Aleks I of the Weseuros, la Cruz will be a contested territory between Northern and Middle Weseuria. A Prince-Bishopric and later a duchy, it wouldn't be until the 1899 a.a.H that it will become a Kingdom on it's own, being the last of the Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros to be formed.

Afterward, due an agricultural reform and a quick demographic expansion, the cruzeños leaded a quick expansion, which lead to clashes with their inmediate neighbours. This will lead them to take then their vocation to the sea, expanding across the shores of Aels, which will make them clash with the Unlic Empire of Uslen from the 2038 until 2173, which would be the age they reached their maximal power, as where created several Cruzeños kingdoms in the shores of western Aels.

However, weakened after these wars with the Unlic, La Cruz was as unprepared as the other Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros to face the Dark Legion of Demons in the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H), where the kingdom will fall.

While after the end of the First War of the Power La Cruz became again independent, it will never reach the power they once held, becoming a secondary player among the human realms of the Northwest, entering later in the Holy Sargonic Empire at the 2503 a.a.H.


La Cruz before human settlementEdit

The WeseurosEdit

1743 a.a.H Treaty of Karentia, division of the Weseringian empire

The Kingdom of La CruzEdit

1899 a.a.H

The Cruzeños KingdomsEdit

2007 a.a.H conquest of Gorbegea

2038-2173 La Cruz-Uslen War.

2049 Conquest of Mercania

Conquests of Dumia, Mercania, Iperto, Aldehydi and the Cruzeños kingdoms in the south

The First War of the PowerEdit

The Declination of La CruzEdit

La Cruz in the Holy Sargonic EmpireEdit


  • Domains of the King: The province of La Sagrada Cruz
  • Barony of Lumieress
  • Prince-Bishopric of Karentia


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