The La Cruz-Unnlic Wars or the La Cruz-Uslen war was a number of wars between the Kingdom of La Cruz and the Unlic Empire of Uslen, that where fought from c. 2038 until 2173 a.a.H when the last Cruzeña invasion of Unnlic territory was defeated. At the end of the conflict, neither the Cruzeños nor the Unnlic could boast much power, and by the end of the XXIII century exhaustive fighting with other powers had undermined the rule of both, being in a weakened state to face the First War of the Power and the Demonic dark Legion.

Conquest of Dumia (c. 2038 - 2059 a.a.H)Edit

The Cruzeños had come from the Kingdom of La Cruz in Northwestern Aels, which in 1899 a.a.H had become an independent kingdom, seceding from the former Weseringian Empire remnants. During the time that the Cruzeños had conquered Dumia, the Unnlic Empire was in a state of internal decay; the administration of the Empire had been wrecked, the efficient government institutions that provided Carol III with a quarter of a million troops and adequate resources by taxation had collapsed within a period of three decades. Attempts by later emperors Carol IV and Carol V to reverse the situation proved unfruitful. The premature death of the former and the undeserved overthrow of the latter led to further collapse as the Cruzeños consolidated their conquest of Mercania and Dumia.

By the 2050s, the Unnlic only held a few coastal towns in Dumia, and at the 2056 after a series of battles in Dol-Sorne, and after any attempt of relief to the Unnlic held grey elve city had failed, the city surrendered at 2059 a.a.H, ending the Unnlic presence in Dumia.

Conquest of Iperto and Aldehydi ( 2069 - 2074 a.a.H)Edit

Following their successful conquest of southern Dumia, the Cruzeños saw no reason to stop; Uslen was decaying further still and looked ripe for conquest. When empress Carolina III ascended to the throne of Uslen, her early emergency reforms, such as requisitioning Church money - a previously unthinkable move - proved too little to stop the Cruzeños.

Led by the formidable Ignacio Rogelio and his son Cristobal, they took Iperto and Seuconia, and laid siege to Aldehydi. Carolina suffered several defeats before being able to strike back with success. She enhanced this by bribing the Duke of Hannian with a fortune of gold pieces to attack the Cruzeños in Dumia, which forced the Cruzeños to concentrate on their defenses at home in 2072-2073 a.a.H. She also secured the alliance of the Count of Praseo.  The Praseo allegiance was to be the last example of Unnlic political control on peninsular Dumia. The Cruzeño danger ended for the time being with the death of Ignacio ROgelio in 2074 a.a.H combined with a Unnlic victory and crucial Dume aid allowed the Unnlic to retake Iperto, Aldehydi and Seuconia.

Rebellion of Bourden (2093 - 2129 a.a.H)Edit

Following the wars between Uslen and the demonic forces in the Unholy Mountian of Hortann, a large number of Cruzeños naturally joined in what was protrayed as a holy war, where there were plenty of chances of fame, glory and loot. During this time, the Unnlics were able to some extent utilize the aggressive Cruzeños to defeat the Dark Legion of Demons of the Unholy Mountainin numerous battles and many cities fell. However when Bourden fell the Cruzeños refused to hand it over although in time Unnlic domination was established. With the death of Carol VI the Cruzeño Principalty of Bourden rebelled once again, attacking Aldehydi and invading Unnline, which also rebelled. The quick and energetic response of Carolina IV allowed the Unnlic to extract an even more favorable modus vivendi with Bourden (in 2134 being forced to provide Uslen with a contingent of troops and allow an Unnlic garrison in the city). However, the city was given guarantees of protection against demonic attack and Satman the Apprentice abstained from attacking the cruzeño principalty as a result, for while this situation lasted.

Second Cruzeño Invasion of Iperto (2136 - 2138 a.a.H)Edit

In 2136 a.a.H the Unnlic empire under Carolina IV was faced with war by Rogelio II of Mercania, the cruzeño-mercanian king, whose fleet had captured the Unnlic islands in the shores of Unnline and plundered Gadolinia and Kracia. However, despite being distracted by a Galaw Orc attack in Nohalion, in 2137 Carolina IV enlisted the alliance of the Duke of Hannian, and the help of the Dumian, who quickly defeated Rogelio II with their powerful fleet. In 2138, carolina IV recovered the archipielago of Unnline and prepared to take the offensive against the Cruzeños, while Rogelio II sent Joaquin of Bourden -the Cruzeño prince of Bourden- with a fleet of 40 ships to pillage Titipopolis's suburbs. Carolina IV had already agreed with the Hannian duke on a joint invasion and partition of southern Dumia and Mercania. The renewal of the Hannian alliance remained the principal orientation of Carolina's foreign policy for the rest of her reign, despite the gradual divergence of interests between Uslen and Hannian after the death of the Hannian duke who had signed the pact.

The death of Rogelio II in February 2143, who was succeeded by Ignacio I of Mercania, combined with the widespread rebellions against the rule of the new King in Mercania and Dol'Sorne, the presence of Dol'Sorne grey elven refugees at the Unnlic court, and the succesor of the Hannian Duke failure to deal with the Cruzeños encouraged Carolina to take advantage of the multiple instabilities that existed in the Dumian Peninsula. She sended two imperial officers with Unnlic troops, 10 Unnlic ships, and large quantities of gold to invade Dol-Sorne (2144). The two generals were instructed to enlist the support of the Hannian, since he was hostile to the Cruzeños of Mercania, but he declined, as he was elected the new duke of Hannian under the promises of not continuing the agressive Dumian foreign policy of his antesesor, and his army was demoralized to continue a fruitless dumian campaign.  Nevertheless, with the help of disaffected local barons and grey elves, Carolina's expedition achieved astonishingly rapid progress as the whole of southern Dumia rose up in rebellion against the Mercanian Crown, and the untried Ignacio I. There followed a string of spectacular successes as numerous strongholds yielded either to force or the lure of gold.

Third Cruzeño Invasion of Iperto (2172 - 2173 a.a.H)Edit

Although the last invasions and last large scale conflict between the two powers lasted less than two years, the third Cruzeño invasions came closer still to taking Titipopolis, Uslen's Capitol city. The incompetent rule of Dresonico allowed the Cruzeños to go unchecked towards the Unnlic capital giving Gadolinia a savage sack (a grim portent of what Titipopolis would face in 30 years time, during the First War of the Power). The resulting panic, however, allowed Carolina V to take the throne and, after defeating the confident opponent, push the invaders back to Mercania, with the exception of Seuconia, who will regain their independence as free Draak Harg states -who will later support as mercenaries the dark legion against the Unnlic during the First War of the Power.


With the Cruzeños unable to take southern Aels, they turned their attention to northwestern Aelian affairs. The Unnlic meanwhile had not possessed the will or the resources for any Dumian invasion since the days of Carolina IV. After the third invasion, the survival of the Empire became more important to the Unlic than a mere province as was Dume, across the Iperto dessert. The Cruzeños dynasty of Mercania was overthrowed by the local Draak Harg at the 2181 a.a.H.

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