Osorio Valley Crop by shabazik

Regions of the northern Osorio Valley. Lake Del Rey and the surrounding highlands beneath the looming mountains being seen as a spiritual place

The Lake Del Rey, or alternatively, Lake De Rey or the King's Lake was a lake in northern Degoland.



It was a geologic depression between the Dargoina Mountains and the Angards, possibly deepened due to glaciers flowing down the corner of these mountains in the past.


The main tributary to this lake was the Monument Cascades, a region of waterfalls, tumbling white springs, and enumerable elf-made shrines and sculptures set up in the region over thousands of years.



The name to the lake came from it being the largest lake in Degoland -and also among the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest-, but as well because the lands of the King of Degoland were located to the north and east of the lake, being there located the capital of the Kingdom of Degoland, Derei.

A succession of RacesEdit

The Lake was important for the trade of northern Degoland, and was as well the case before the kingdom of Degoland or the Weseuros, having been there successively Kanov, Galaw, High elves and Sylvan elf settlements.


The ancient elves of the region believed the great lake and its highland environs were of spiritual importance. Certainly in that Lake Del Rey was a wellspring of life.

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