The Last Man Standing was a Mercenary company of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, mostly composed of Tardic, Cruzeños and Botanian mercenaries.

The Last Man Standing was an infamous company of 300 elite light sword infantry. They were known for a unique tradition: The soldiers of the company did not take wages and any wealth earned through pay or plunder was instead deposited by the Old Man in the Company Chest upon which every man signed onto the Company during the Founding. After the Company was founded, no new soldiers were allowed into the Last Man Standing (though at times, soldiers might be recruited for support units). Through battle and attrition, the company would dwindle from its full complement of 300, to a mere handful of men. At this point, the surviving soldiers would duel each other, until only one was left. This Last Man Standing would go to the Old Man and the two would at last open the chest. The Old Man would take have of the accumulated wealth and retire, while the Last Man would take his share and use the money to raise and equip a new Company, becoming the new Old Man. Through its long and storied history, the Company was founded again and again. It was known for seeking out the fiercest fighting and the bloodiest battles, little caring for the casualties the company took, for each saw every casualty as one fewer man standing between him and the Company Chest...    

They fought in the Battle of Kerath's Crossing, where they shattered the Imperial Pikemen and win the day.    

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