The Late Elfic Age (Also known as the "Age of High Elf Imperialism") lasted from 850 B.A.H until 1 A.A.H. The Age is often considered to be the end of an era of sorts, as its comclusion coincides with the end of Elfic golden age. With the end of the Hake dark elf offensive phase in the elven wars –thought the war will continue still for thousands of years, but in a lower scale- the uncontested High Elf Empire of Whide Axis, wich began conquering and annexing the Flairie in Aels as a first step the 809, and continue with the colonization of Aels and Zarhuy circa 400 B.A.H, and during their expansion they encounter as well the opposing force of the Kaiehm Mountain Orc Horde, wich was expanding since 1.800 b.a.H, beginning the High Elves the Orc-Elf wars.

Timeline (B.A.H)Edit