Elf champion by shabazik-d5hclcu

Stereotype of the Golden High Elves, the hypothetical blonde elf that is both a swords-elf and wizard

Light elves are a self-given denomination of Elves, in opposition of the Dark Elfs.

M adhai harem warrior by shabazik-d5nf19b

A M'adhai harem warrior, an example of the 'Light Elf' category Rossnes that is fairly dark skinned.

Often "Light Elves" only includes the various light skinned races of the Rossnes category of elves. Although, skin color might sometimes be 'warm' but still tanned, rather than 'dark'. Anqueael Elfs might have milky white skin, but are still considered 'Dark Elfs', in part, due to the 'cold' and 'colorless' nature of their pale skin.

An exception for the light skinned elves, the High elven era M'Adhai are Rossnes High elves, even though they often have rather dark skin, it is 'warm colored' skin.

Additionally, the Northern Snow elf is also usually considered a Rossnes Light Elf due to having some Rossnes traits and cultural ethnicity to related light elves, even though they can be rather dark skinned, and sometimes having a 'colorless' greyish skin tone as well.

Sometimes, for political reasons or certain arbitrary reasons of categorization, the list of "Light Elves" might expand greatly. The Anqueael Elfs, Verdennos Elfs, Darhake half-breeds, and some groups of Flairie elfs of the Zuleis category might be found on more expansive lists of "Light Elfs".

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