The self-designated Likkan Empire, often still regarded as the Loranor Kingdom by their opponents was a Loranor-Elven empire comprising their holds in east Aels -Nubla, Bierteno and the eastern Barlans- and their colonial possessions in northern Ushaenor.

The short lived empire was proclaimed at the 2547 a.a.H. in the capital of the Loranor Kingdom, Thol-Iznea, as King Ferr III Morr will crown himself as Emperor of the Likkan Empire, as he tried to appear stronger and to continue his efforts in relation of the policy of centralization. 

Fighting the War of Ne'Sargos and invading the Barlans while continuing the war of Stapäria on eastern Aels, this will be the breaking point of the short lived empire, as the overextended legions crumbled, and the Peoples of the Prairies of Stapäria, lead by the K'Nir, will attack and sack Thol-Iznea capitol of the Likkan Empire.

After the fall of Thol-Iznea at the 2550 a.a.H, the empire collapsed like a house of cards, as the governors of the provinces and the diverse peoples living under the empire took the opportunity to become once more time free of the empire, that had become too heavy with the taxes and exactions to maintain their permanent wars:

By the 2560 a.a.H, the Likkan Empire was no more, and the Loranor monarchy aspirations retreated back to their core lands in the eastern forests of Aels.

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