Queen Lilin, Lilit, Lilitu or Lilith, "The mother of demons" was a Bazrrod demon lord, created by Saatan.

As the demons encountered the peoples of Aiers, needing bodies for their Soul Stones, Soul Shards and their servants, that needed extensive work from the artificers, the Senate of Demons decided to experiment with bodies that had the ability to reproduce sexually, so the next generations of vessels could be grown, rather than only built.

Lilin, created by Saatan, was the first Bazrrod demon lord given a body with a gender and reproductive capabilities, after countless attempts, and Lilin itself became a famed artificer.

Lilin, the first Succubus, will create along Sataan the other first three -Naamah, Mahlat and Zenunim-, who will spawn the first generations of demonic vessels born into the world of Aiers, rather than built.

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