Llurth-Negeél was an ancient city in the underworld of Kazrrad, in central aels, under the mountains of Nohalion. It was founded at the Early Elfic Age after the fall of the first Empire of Drow around the 12.000 b.a.H, being one of the earlier foundations of the drows in the Underworld. It will rise at the 10.000 b.a.H as the hegemonic drow power, fighting later the other 12 major drow city states in the War of the 13 Cities, which lasted from the 9.500 until the 7.000 b.a.H. Llurth Negeél will finally collapse and be destroyed by the Followers of the Spider, being the Negeél survivors enslaved by the victors -and largely, by Erehel-Sinu.

An inhabitant of Llurth-Negeél was called Negeél,as was their language.

It was one of the Thirteen Drow Cities.


The historical study of Llurth-Negeél is problematic, because its culture and records were destroyed by the coalition of the Holy Spider during the War of the Holy Spider, very few primary Negeél historical sources survived, being the main sources of Llurth-Negeél history drow historians, writers that belonged to peoples in competition, and often in conflict, with Llurth-Negeél. And later The Cataclysm will as well reduce further these secondary, historiographic sources. 

Not surprisingly, their accounts of Llurth-Negeél are extremely hostile; while there are a few Erehel drow authors who took a favorable view, these works have been lost.

Foundation Legends: Queen Neegi, Edit

According to Erehel sources, the Negeél colonists originated from the area of Dirith, led by Queen Neegi, who founded Llurth-Negeél around the 12.000 b.a.H. Queen Neegi, often which non-Negeél accounts confuse with an historic representation of the (for them, fake) goddess Negeé was, according to them, an exiled princess of the ancient Empire of Drow city of Llurth.

Negeél's sister, Queen Miliel had murdered her husband, the high priest. Neegi escaped the tyranny of her country in the collapsing Empire of Drow, going to the underworld of Kazrrad and founding Llurth-Negeél then before the collapse of the drow empire. However, details of her life are sketchy and confusing, and so the foundation of the city, as in different accounts is unclear if the foundation was by exiles from a drow city due to an internal conflict, or refugees that escaped from the fall of the Empire of Drow. 

Llurth-Negeél RepublicEdit

The Llurth-Negeél Republic was one of the longest-lived and largest earlier drow cities of Kazrrad, being as well one of the more stable, at least until the decay and the civil wars of the last tyrants shortly before the War of the Holy Spider. 

Hegemony of Llurth-Negeél

After about 1.500 years of Ched'Lolthan hegemony -between the 11.500 to the 10.000 b.a.H-, the city of Llurth-Negeél will achieve the hegemony, but not uncontested: Becoming the largest and most powerful drow city of Kazrrad, the other 12 major city states banded together, and by the year 9.500 b.a.H. began the brutal War of the 13 Cities, in which Llurth Negeél and their vassals will face all the other drow nations of Kazrrad:

War of the 13 CitiesEdit

Despite the war, the Negeél civilization will live their golden age around the 9.000 b.a.H: but finally, the permanent state of war, and meanwhile the other drow cities expanded in the underworld, the Llurt Negeél were cornered, and unable to expand any further, with internal struggles and the cost of war, declined:

Decay, the War of the Holy Spider and CollapseEdit

By 7.000 b.a.H, finally their civilization will disappear, as a coalition of the drow followers of the Spider Goddess assaulted in a holy war, annihilating everybody except some few who were spared, to become slaves.

Government and PoliticsEdit






The drow city state of Llurth-Negeél was polytheist, and among a rising pantheon of goddesses and gods, the matron Goddess of the city, Negeé, was their main goddess.

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