The Lor-Raan, alternatively known as Lorran or Lohr-Rhan is the name given both to the otsarian elves -in contrast to the Aierian elves, or the Aenian artificial elves- and to their controlled space in the Nebula of Ots. 

The Lor-Raan worlds first contact was done by Stornkold, and they remained isolationist, refusing contact, and attempts to establish diplomacy with them using Aenian elves have failed as well, as they distrust these artificial elves as mere puppets of humans. This will be the first time Aierian humans encountered peoples of aiers outside of Aiers in Ots, and lead to the theory that in other worlds could be found other aierian peoples -such as orcs and dwarves, for example: this assumption will be correct with the Loranor in the Panchuixclan- 

While Stornkold largelly left the Lor-Raan to their own devices, the Galactic Union of Nations (GUN) in their wars with the EUS ignored their neutrality, crossing their space, which had lead to some skirmishes and engagements between the Galactic Red Fleet and the Lor-Raan. 

Much of the Lor-Raan is ignored. Some of the few known facts are that what is called the "Lor-Raan Dominion" isn't a self-given name, and denotes at least three inhabited star systems - Lohr, Shar'Ess and Dor'Sol-.  

The seemingly dominant race of the Lor-Raan, at least most commonly encountered are Zuleis dark elves from Lohr -who may be either dominant among the Lor-Raan, or the one with a more preponderant space fleet-, but Neroz and Wollumis have as well been seen in ships from Shar'Ess. Is theorised that the other races of elves present among the Aierian elves are as well present, and maybe even other elven sub-races. Dor'Sol is supposed to be mainly populated by Rossnes elves, but it remains a theory. 

All of their technology is maná-based, and it seems they had developed it further than any advance achieved by Aierian elves.  

By the time of first contact, the Lor-Raan had beginning their own expansion in the Nebulosa of Ots, before being curtailed by the expansion of Stornkold, the EUS and the GUN. 

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