The Kingdom of Lorach (2247-2334 a.a.H) and the later Ecclesiastic State of Lorach ( 2335 - 2370 a.a.H) was a human petty kingdom in Polforia during the Middle Human Age, being one of the Polforian states of the Outregam.

Primarly settled by degolandic colonists -along with some elven and dwarven settlers-, it would be proclaimed a kingdom at the 2247 a.a.H.

During its existence it faced important challenges from the mountain clans and suffered heavily during the crisis of the 2290s, only being able to survive thanks to the Order of Nortender, which recently expelled from Delrosh and other falled colonies, momentarily retired to Lorach, building castles and reorganizing, before they moved to the Duchy of Priva in the Hieyokscream Bay, handing these castles to the recently formed Military Order of the Knights of Lorach.

The Kingdom of Lorach survived but only in a thin line, suffering heavily with the crisis of the 2330s, which produced the collapse of the kingdom at the 2334:

While the Kingdom had fallen, the remaining castles and holds of the Military Order would be reorganized in the Ecclesiastic State of Lorach, mostly to watch over the mountain paths and roads to keep an open path with Avaynti and Reivelin.

The last of these castles will be destroyed or abandoned around the 2370, cutting the way to easternmost Outregam.

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