Lug, known as well as Tol'Norsa, Loggard, Luccia, Lug, Luggar and Lucca was an island in the Alan Ocean by the shores of Hannian, south of the Gorbegea peninsula and north of the peninsula of Dol-Sorne.

It was successively settled by Cyclops, Lantanidos dark elves, Rossnes light elves, High elves, Momb, Dumian and Unlic humans and Kanov.

History Edit

Lantanidan Lug Edit

The presence of cyclops and other ogroids in the island and the sudden storms of it close waters will give an infamous reputation to the island -the island of the cannibals, the island and the sea of death-, and the first settlements of the Lantanidos where in some specific, easily defensible ports from attacks inland, largely due strategic interests of the Lantania in the coastal regions: they would found two main palaces around the 1750 b.a.H, one in the north of the island and other in the southern edge, and only rarely they ventured away from the palaces inland, except from some punitive missions when the cyclops, ogres and giants ate shipwrecked crews -or made ships wreck in the coasts.

While a lantanidan settlement, ruled by Zuleis dark elves, most of the actual settlers -aside of the ruling class- were rossnes elves from the coastal regions, vassal of the Lantanidans, who will come to be the bulk of the population, along with a group of elves of mixed heritage.

The palaces of the island -rich in copper and lead- will become richer, which could be testified by the architecture and archaeological remains.

By the 821 b.a.H, time when began to arrive High elven explorers from Ushaenor, the power of the Lantanidan Unnline was already very faint in the region, and when the High Elves began to invade and annex Unnline colonies, the Unnline realized they wouldn't be able to hold the island and the dark elven rulers abandoned the island to their own devices.

The Unnline rossnes elves then formed their own governments around the existing former palaces.

The High Elven Kingdom of Tol'Norsa Edit

The rossnes elves of the island that worshiped the goddess Unnlinne, while had became the rulers of the island in the independent palaces, lacked the support of an empire to threaten the giants, ogres and cyclops that lived inlands, who began to raid and assault the elven settlements.

Unable to resist these attacks, the rossnes elven palaces will request support from the High Elves, hoping to hire mercenaries and make a deal to become a protectorate of the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis.

The High Elven warriors arrived at Lug, and their armies marched inland, crushingly defeating the resistance of the cyclops, ogres and giants: however, rather than leave the island as the Unnline rossnes expected, they returned to the palaces, overthrown the princes, executed in fires the elves of mixed light and dark heritage and in the fires, claimed the creation of the kingdom of Tol'Norsa, the Island of the Giants at the 792 b.a.H.

in Tol'Norsa, the High Elves will make great ports, becoming a strategic base for their further conquests in central and southern Aels, using the extensive forests of the island for building ships.

They will wage yearly campaigns to wipe out the ogroids and giants, cleaning the hinterlands of the island for cattle raising.

While there was an interest in the ruling class of expanding the population of the island with immigration of more High Elves, they failed to attract significant numbers of settlers.

The Kingdom of Tol'Norsa will flourish until the catastrophes that came with the dawn of Humans and the beginning of the Apparition of Humanity, with earthquakes, tsunamis and storms flagellating the island.

By the 100 a.a.H, as these calamities stopped, there would be a resurgence in Tol'Norsa as once again the trade and communication resumed... but then began the Age of Invasions.

Originally, Tol'Norsa wasn't directly affected by the invasions, and for a moment it's population and power expanded as many refugees from the falling High Elven colonies in Aels... however, along with the ships of refugees wanting to settle in Tol'Norsa or continue toward Ushaenor, will arrive the Curse of the Doroz.

The Curse ravaged the kingdom to the point it will politically collapse. The capital will be abandoned, the king was dead -and the heir of the throne-, so the political power will fragment by the 350 a.a.H

There will be some crazed purges of the cursed and death, sickness and famine will rule the island, until Kanovs raiders began to attack the island -sacking the abandoned palaces- and later doing settlements in the coastal regions.

Elven rule will end, replaced by Kanov tribes which occupied much of the island, enslaving or pushing to the mountains and hills of the center of the island to the surviving elven population:

But they won't be the only invaders of Tol'Norsa: The human Mombs were yet to arrive.

The Kingdom of the Mombs of Loggard Edit

At the 420 a.a.H, will arrive the human Mombs: unlike the raiders of previous decades, they will come to settle down in the island, conquering the coastal regions, pushing inland the Kanovs and claiming the kingdom of the Mombs of Loggard.

While Loggard claimed to rule over the whole island, actually their control of the hinterland of the island was limited and often contested by the Kanov tribes and bandits -and the remaining elves, hidding in the woods, never recogniced their rule-.

The Mombs of Loggard will become pirates and raiders of the coastal kingdoms, and as rose the Librarians of Dume, they will clash with this rising power.

They allied themselves with Blazakhov during the First Blazik War between Blazakhov and Dume, becoming one of the main battlefields between the armies and navies of Dume and Blazakhov and their allies.

As result of the end of the War, the kingdom of the Mombs of Loggard will be disbanded at the 960, becoming the Dumian Province of Luccia.

Dumian Province of Luccia Edit

Between the 960 to the 1540 the island of Lug will be the dumian Province of Luccia. The Dumians will make colonies in the northern and southern ends of the island, beginning a process of cultural influence over the humans and trying to effectively rule the interior -however, largely what they achieved was the kanov tribes of the interior to merely recognize Dumian rule, pay tributes and provide auxiliar forces to the Empire of the Librarians of Dume.

During the Dumian-Demon Wars, after the fallow of the Vakkusta Empire at the 1540, the barbarians, demons and monsters of the Barlans will invade the northern borders of Dumia, which forced the Emperor to retreat the forces of Luccia.

Abandoned by the Imperial Forces, the kanovs of Lug will revolt within the island, while Kanovs of the Nepper tribe of the Barlans crossed the sea, invading the island.

The island will be conquered by the Kanov, but they will instead only appoint governors, keeping elements of the dumian government -however often this is called the first Kanov Kingdom of Lug.

Most of the cities during this time will be abandoned after the Kanov invasion and the population will be reduced. While in the north there remained villages and settlements with human identities, much of the human population of the island will adopt elements of the Kanov culture and mix with them, having a mixed heritage -with dominant kanov elements-.

Unlic Imperial Province of Lucca Edit

During the rule of Tinian II, emperor of the Unlic Empire of Uslen, the unlic will attempt to rebuild the former Dumian Empire and at the 1825 a.a.H, after 285 years of Kanov rule, the imperial forces will land in the island, defeating the Luganos.

The Unlic Imperial Province of Lucca will attempt to re-humanize the population of Lug, bringing some colonists -who will become the colonial rulers of the island.-

The dates and circumstances of the end of Unlic rule in Lug are not known. Direct central control was maintained at least through c. 1900, after which local legates were empowered in the face of the rebellion of Vilanda the Grey, a duke of the Grey elves in Dol-Sorne and an invasion of the Kanovs of the Barlans to Hannian and Dumian Unlic-controlled provinces. There is some evidence that senior Unlic administration in Dol'Sorne retreated to Lug following the final fall of the province to Grey elven rebels in 1984. The loss of imperial control in Dol'Sorne led to escalating raids by Kanovs from Gorbegea and the Barlans on the island, forcing increased military self-reliance in the province. Communication with the central government became daunting if not impossible during and after the Kanov invasions on Dol'Sorne, Hannia and Dumia. A letter by the Archbishop Nicodemo I as early as 1920 mentions the "Luccan judges", without reference to the empire and a letter by Archbishop Julian VIII (reigned 1972–1982) refers to them as princes. By the time of the publishing of an imperial book of administration in the 1952, the Unlic authorities no longer listed Lucca as an imperial province, suggesting they considered it lost. In all likelihood a local noble family acceded to the power, still identifying themselves as vassals of the Unlic, but de facto independent as communications with Uslen were very difficult. These rulers were still closely linked to the Unlics, both for a pact of ancient vassalage, and from the ideological point of view, with the use of the Unlic language (in a country where was spoken mostly Lugano kanov, Momb human and local dumance dialects), and the use of art of Unlic inspiration.

In the 1980s there was an attempt to conquer the island was made by Kanovs based in Gorbegea. The only records of that war are from Dol'Sorne and Hannian chronicles. The Luccan won, but after that, the previous Luccan province was totally undermined and divided into four small courts, each ruled by a Judge.

Whether this final transformation from imperial civil servant to independent sovereign resulted from imperial abandonment or local assertion, by the 2000, the judges had emerged as the autonomous rulers of Lug. 

Soon, in a country with a majority of Kanov population, many of the Judges of Lug will come to be Luganos kanovs.

Cruzeño Duchy of Lugar Edit

adventurers and mercenaries of La Cruz, idle due a short truce between La Cruz and the kingdoms they had established in Dumia and the Unlic Empire of Uslen during the La Cruz-Uslen war were becoming increasingly restless and to avoid riots and the breaking of the peace, cruzeños dukes launched an invasion to northern Lug at the 2052 b.a.H

While they enjoyed an initial success against the Luganos, gaining support from the human serfs of the north, the sudden end of the truce with Uslen meant most of the cruceños soldiers left again for the continent, leaving only a token force and the newly appointed dukes.

The Dukes of Lugar only controlled the northern fortified cities and the surrounding lands, while most of the island was in the hands of the Judges of Lug. Sometimes, the Cruzeños dukes and the Lugareños, helped by other cruzeños of the neighboring duchies they have founded would launch some campaigns to extend their areas of influence, but often afterwards the reinforcements left, the guerrillas of the Luganos would force them back into control of the fortified cities and castles of the north.

The Cruzeño Duchy of Lugar will last until the 2208 a.a.H, during the First War of the Power: when arrived refugees from the Cruzeño Duchy of Begian to Lugar with news of the fall of the northern duchies of the Cruzeños and La Cruz against the Dark Legion of Demons. Not only the Lugareños will hear the news, but as well the Luganos.

While the Lugareños were preparing their army to try to support the cruzeños lords resisting in Gorbegea, hoping to use their fleet to keep the dark Legion away from the island, messengers of the Dark Legion had already landed in the island, bringing gold, weapons and warriors.

United by the Dark Legion, the Kanov Judges will rebel and attack the Duchy of Lugar. Reinforced by mercenary Draak Harg engineers -hired by the Dark legion-, they will storm the fortified cities and castles of the Lugareños.

Lugar was sacked and destroyed, and forming a council with the four Judges, would be founded the Kanov Kingdom of Lug at the 2209.

Kanov Kingdom of Lug Edit

As the Kanovs of Lug joined the Dark Legion of Demons, they where preparing their forces and fleets to support as allies the Dark Legion in their campaign in Dol'Sorne when landed in the bay of Begian the expeditionary forces of the Empire of the Whide Axis -event that will change the course of the war-.

The Luganos will fight in the Battle of the Bultr Bridge -a great defeat of the Dark Legion- and provided support to the demonic forces in Dol-Sorne, but after the defeat of the demons in this campaign, the Luganos will retreat to the island, preparing to defend themselves against an invasion.

While the southern cruzeños lords wanted to launch an invasion to recover the island, the High Elven commanders of the expeditionary force voted against it -as they where more interested marching to the south, to Uslen-, and instead was only ordered a blockade against Lug.

Lug was out of the war, and would never be invaded during it, and after the end of the war, after the heavy casualties incurred by the Whide Axis, they would discard in the aftermath to launch a campaign against it.

While the southern Cruzeños hadn't forgotten about Lugar, they had other problems to deal and couldn't mount an invasion against Lug.

The Luganos pagans and demon worshippers, haven for demons and deserters of the dark legion will come to be pirates and raiders of central aels.

The Pirates of Lug Edit

Between the 2290 and the 2330, there would be numerous attempts by the duchies of the Hannian and Dol-Sorne to quell the Luganos pirates, with some landings to destroy some of the pirate strongholds, but the small duchies where unable to hold these territories after these landings, and often they preferred instead to pay of the Luganos pirates -or hire them as corsairs for their own petty wars against other of the duchies-.

During this time, the Pirate lords of the coast will replace as rulers the judges of the interior and the pirate ports and strongholds prospered thanks to their depredations and slaver raid until the unification of the kingdom of the Hannian at the 2353 a.a.H.

This kingdom, formed first after defeating the invasions of the Gorbegeos and other Andäi Kanov people of the Barlans, after forming a defensible northern border, would then attempt to secure it's coasts against the raids of the Luganos and will build a powerful navy and coastal fortifications during the last years of the decade of the 2350 and 2360.

This will force the luganos pirates to focus instead in the Dumian and Dol'Sorne duchies, who under the increased pirate menace will request for Hannian support.

The Hannian will wage war against the Luganos, and most of the pirate fleets, ports and strongholds will be destroyed in the campaigns of the 2382-2386, when the Hannian army camped across eastern Lug. While they decided to abandon Lug once the pirate menace had been neutralized -unable or unwilling to conquer the island-. The rule of the Pirate Lords had all but finished, with the Judges accepting to pay tribute to the Hannian to keep them of the island.

While once again the rulers of Lug will be the judges, the kingdom was in decline in power and influence, and by the 2420 a.a.H, it had come to be under Gorbegean influence, with the judges of Lug becoming vassals of Gorbegea.

The expertise of the sailors and shipbuilders of Lug will prove to be crucial in the later expansion of the Gorbegeos.

After the conversion of the Gorbegeos to Christianity in the 2554, the king of Gorbegea will be officially crowned as well as King of Lug at the same year.

Lug became part of the Kingdom of Gorbegea, and will began a process of reluctant conversion to Christianity under the Gorbegeos.

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