Empress Lygenn the Thousand, Lygenn of the House of Shallian, (Ched'l Sulho, 1821 a.a.H, - Ched'l Sulho, 2459 a.a.H) known as well as Lygenn of the Thousand Daughters -or the Thousand enemies- was a Drow, ruler of the city of Ched'l Sulho and agent of the Dark Legion of Demons

Daughter of Empress Sulhess, she led a conspiracy with her sisters, assassinating in secret their own mother, crowning herself Empress of Ched'l Sulho. Young and ambitious, she signed the alliance between the drow city and the Dark Legion of Demons, an alliance that she held until the tide of the First War of the Power turned against the Dark Legion.

During the Middle Human Age, she lost legitimacy as the divine monarch of Ched'l Sulho, suffering several civil wars under her rule, including a succession war between her eldest daughters to become heir to the Sulhian throne.

As result of the second War of the Nine Houses, triggered by the scandal of the uncovering of Lygenn and her sisters assassinating their mother, she had to abdicate in favour of her daughter Ankhaess, who imprisoned her in the palace:

However she escaped, and in exile, sought support of the demons to return and claim back her throne.

She was known as Lygenn of the Thousand Daughters, for the numerous descendance: not only her own daughters, but as well for adopting into her family numerous nieces, cousins, members of the shallian clan and even allies, to strengthen the alliances to the throne.

This numerous family will later mean continuous troubles of Lygenn.

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