Lysandia was one of the Northern Marches of Huncle, being the smallest of them all.

Founded at the 2270s in the second effort of colonization after the First War of the Power along with Goelathia, Haven-Morrow and Vin, to counter the presence of remnants of the Dark Legion in the Wilderness.

Many of the settlers that ended up in Lysandia had originally settled in Goelathia, but clashed with their humanist tendences, founding a more tolerant, plural society with important non-human accepted minorities -such as elves and dwarves, some hybrids and specific beastfolks-, but who still refused integration of non-accepted non-humans -such as orcs and goblins-.

Lysandia had a more communal organization and lacked important cities, with few serfs, being more important free farmers and the gentry.

Originally of larger extension, military defeats at the hands of the other Northern marches resulted in a rump Lysandia.

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