M'Adhai Harem Warrior

M’Adhai was an ancient Hake –dark elf- kingdom, in the rainforests and rivers of the center of Ushaenor, until the Elf wars that raged though the continent destroyed the ancient lands. However, the conquering High Elven, founded a new dynasty, bringing High Elven settlers, and this new M’Adhai become part of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis.

Dark elven M'Adhai[edit | edit source]

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High Elven M'Adhai[edit | edit source]

This was a kingdom of Silver High Elves, founded on the ruins of a fallen Hake Kingdom, and had taken on some aspects and traditions of the fallen Hake kingdom.

M'Adhai Harem Warriors[edit | edit source]

The M’Adhai Harem Warriors, from the king personal guard, princesses and nobleborn women given by their parents to become wives of his Higness. Legally, they were his wives –a thousand of them- , but the only wives who mattered were the seven queens: to the point that was normal that the M’Adhai Harem warriors “divorced” from the king, leaving the guard and marrying with other elves, or even remaining in the Harem Brigade.

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