MICHI Mercenaries (NYSE: MME) was one of the largest Mercenary Guilds of the Nebulosa of Ots. Aside of the Guild Forces -the MICHI divisions, and core of the Guilded mercenaries-, thousands of smaller PMC and mercenary organizations where part of the guild, who often seeked for contracts, and subcontracted smaller mercenary groups.

The MICHI Guild was known for offering their services to everybody who could pay, but on some occasions they found themselves contracting mercenary organizations that ended up being on rival sides of a conflict. Normally the Guild presicely tried to avoid such situations but in such a large domain, it is not completely avoidable..

MICHI served as well as an important middlemen between many mercenaries companies and large contractors, normally for large scale conflicts:

While most mercenary units where rather small, doing works for small free colonies or corporations, sometimes some nations needed to raise Mercenary armies: And so, hiring small mercenary companies, units and regiments wasn't enough: because of this, they contracted the MICHI Guild, who was capable of movilizing their guilded mercenary companies to fit divisionary units -and even sometimes, to conform mercenary armies or corps. While not a "Mercenary House", MICHI -or "The Guild"- was considered one of the Five Mercenary Houses, the others being Retfox, Drakonos, Liahos and Metalgods.  They are noted for being perhaps the best on terms with most of the mercenary groups in the Nebulosa, as compared to the actual Houses.

Composed of mercenaries, the origin, forces, uniforms and insignia of MICHI in general was very whide. However, when Guilded mercenary companies served in MICHI Divisions, they where required to use some Guilded aproved munitions types, fuels, foods and medical supplies, to make easier their intendence service.

As well, there exist the MICHI Divisions composed of the Soldiers of MICHI. They used distinctive Purple uniforms, patches and patterns, having standarized equipment, training and armanent.

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